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    ISA (Minecraft Story Mode)

    ISA (Minecraft Story Mode)
    Most savage line:
    "I can't decide whether I want our death to be painless for my sake, or excruciating for yours!"
    Gender: Female
    Portrayed by: Melinda Hutchison
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Minecraft Story Mode (MCSM)
    First appearance: Order up!

    Isa is a minor antagonist/supporting character in Minecraft Story Mode, at first, appearing as the antagonist of Order up! and then turns into a supportive character.

    Isa, also known as The Founder, is a supportive character in Minecraft: Story Mode. She was never brought up again after Episode 5. She is the founder and leader of Sky City.

    Why She Should Be Kicked Off Sky City

    1. Her motivations are unclear and don't make sense at all. For example, she had an Eversource, but was never seen using it and restricted buildings in her city. Yet we never get to know why.
    2. She was a really strange, annoying, and unnecessary character, with no personality at all.
    3. She can be annoyingly picky at times, like immediately locking Jesse and his/her friends up over one dirt bridge, and not even letting them explain themselves.
    4. Her design is extremely ugly with green eyeshadow smeared all around her eyes, and a nose that goes all the way down to her mouth, similar to Villagers. Alongside looking like a poor reskin of Female Jesse.
    5. Her constant whining over one small dirt bridge gets pretty annoying.
    6. She is tyrannical, since she keeps the Eversource for herself and forces the citizens to obey under her rule and will punish them if they even dare to question her.
    7. When she and Jesse get thrown over the edge for her actions, she still refuses to accept that she was wrong and blames Jesse for everything.
    8. She was easily swayed by Aiden and his friends and wasn't even open to the possibility that they could be lying. Talk about gullible.
    9. She was even rude to Milo and was constantly disrespecting him. In fact, she even sent him to her dungeons for throwing a single dirt block off the edge by accident.
    10. She can also be a hypocrite, since she's the one who built her throne and palace and whatnot, yet she restricts her subjects from building.
    11. In the end, Jesse and his friends basically save her city, and what's their reward? A chicken crown!

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her actor, Melinda Hutchison, did a good job voicing the part.
    2. She is a good example of how you can't run around without a plan or purpose.
    3. She helped kill a bunch of the monsters that Aiden summoned upon sky city, showing that despite being tyrannical, she cares about the safety of her people.


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