Hugh Test (Johnny Test; Seasons 4-6)

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Hubert "Hugh" Test
Hugh Test.jpeg
Insert how many times this control-freak adds meatloaf in his dinners non stop and not even realizing his entire family has had enough.
Gender: Male
Type: Control freak
Overbearing parent
Obsessive character
Ridiculous Character
Age: 40s
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ian James Corlett
Media of Origin: Johnny Test

Hubert "Hugh" Test is the uptight, stay-at-home father of Johnny, Susan, and Mary, and is also the husband of Lila. He is known for his obsession with meatloaf and for being the housekeeper of the Test home as well as being a bit of an overbearing parent.

Bad Qualities

  1. Earlier in the series, he was more of a firm but fair parent, but later on, he became more of a complete overbearing, high-strung, and hotheaded control freak that makes Frank Heffley look like a saint in comparison, who cares about almost nothing but meatloaf, not even his own kids.
  2. He has had a few ridiculous moments in the show. One example is in "Johnny Unplugged" where he tries to get the kids to enjoy the great outdoors, only for neither of them going as he expected.
  3. He was also a bit of a punching bag in some episodes. The season 5 premiere "Johnny Goes Nuts/Johnny Daddy Day" being one example (in the JGN episode, Hugh had trouble with his nut costume from switching his body side from the two holes for his eyes to see to the other side where there weren't any holes, causing him to loose his sight, bump into things, and even end up in the Porkbelly Nut Forest to be attacked by squirrels, and the other episode, all of the things Johnny, Lila, Susan, and Mary did for him went wrong, leading to him suffering tons of injuries), as well as "Johnny Irrisistable" (there is a scene where he is trampled by a crowd of people), and some other episodes, including "Tiny Johnny", where he harms himself in some scenes where he tries to make a trap for Montague the mouse).
  4. In "99 Deeds of Johnny Test", Johnny had 98 detentions, so Hugh said one more detention and he'll ship him off to military academy at 4:00, so he had 99 deeds to make up for his detentions, and if so, his permanent record will be cleared. Before it was time to go, he had 98 deeds made up, but the Principal dropped his pen, and Johnny picked it up, making 99, and as a result, his PR was cleared, and Hugh was UPSET. Seriously, it's bad enough to ship off your own son to military academy, but to feel down when the chance was destroyed is just a wrong doing to do to your child.
  5. In "Spotless Johnny", if Johnny missed his curfew, he will take his video game and television privileges and pants for an entire week, which is public nudity.
  6. In "My Dinner With Johnny", he bet Johnny Test in which if he didn't use good manners for today's dinner, he will have to clean his room for A YEAR, and yell on the roof he loves his meatloaf, which is a very CRUEL punishment.
  7. The 4th, 5th, and 6th Bad Qualities mentioned above also hint that he secretly hates Johnny in a evil way.
  8. Speaking of him constantly feeding his family meatloaf everyday, why should he do this? I mean, he is obsessed with it, but he should have relized his entire family was getting SICK and TIRED of him doing this, since he has done it every time in the series, which is overused. He should have gave other foods a chance/move on to other things or if he was still obsessed with meatloaf, he could have the meatloaf himself while his family gets other things. He even does it to the point Johnny had a dream he sang a song about having meatloaf for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner (though the last two options of when to have meatloaf makes sense).

Good Qualities

  1. It turns out that Hugh may mean well at times since he's the one more likely to scold, correct, punish, and discipline his children while Lila does it only when it's necessary although she doens't always deal with the Test kids because of not only the first reason but she is always busy.
  2. He was way better in the first three seasons where he really was a well meaning father to the Test kids.
  3. His design is okay.
  4. His family probably still love him, despite all he has done.

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