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    Hugh Test (2005, seasons 4-6)

    Hubert "Hugh" Test

    H T 2021.jpg

    🎶Meatloaf for breakfast, meatloaf in the lunch, and even at supper time!!!🎶 *maliciously laughs*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Control freak
    Overbearing parent
    Meatloaf Obsseser
    Pointless Ridiculous Character
    Age: 40s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ian James Corlett
    Media of origin: Johnny Test

    Hubert "Hugh" Test is the uptight, stay-at-home father of Johnny, Susan, and Mary, and is also the husband of Lila. He is known for his obsession with meatloaf and for being the housekeeper of the Test home as well as being a bit of an overbearing parent.

    While he was decently likable in the first three seasons and the reboot, he was sadly flanderized in the last three seasons in the original show to the point of his character being hated as a whole, but eventually redeemed himself in the reboot. This article will only focus on his character in the latter said seasons.

    He is voiced by Ian James Corlett

    Why He Should Stop Making Meatloaf Now

    1. Originally, he was a bit of a firm but fair parent for the first three seasons. In fact, according to the Johnny Test Wiki, Hugh was based off of Scott Fellows' mother (which could be implied she did all the housework and might have been the disciplinarian of the household). However, by season 4, he was flanderized to become a complete overbearing, high-strung, and hotheaded control freak that makes Frank Heffley, Mr. Herriman, Benson from Regular Show, Donut from Battle For Dream Island and Hippolyte/Ignatius look like saints in comparison, who cares about almost nothing but meatloaf, not even his own kids.
    2. He has had a few ridiculous moments in the show. One example is in "Johnny Unplugged" where he tries to get the kids to enjoy the great outdoors, only for neither of them going as he expected.
    3. He acts more abusive than strict to Johnny, and it is implied that he secretly hates Johnny in a messed up way:
      • He didn't apologize to Johnny for accusing and punishing him for things he didn't do in "Johnny Johnny" (Despite he redeemed himself at the end after realizing Johnny was innocent)
      • In "Johnny's Amazing Cookie Company", Hugh snatches the cookies from Johnny's hands, DRAINS ALL OF THEM IN THE FREAKING SINK and gives him his "Meatloaf Cookies", which is EXTREMELY mean-spirited and downright cruel.
      • In "99 Deeds of Johnny Test", Johnny had 98 detentions, so Hugh said one more detention and he'll ship him off to military academy at 4:00, so he had 99 deeds to make up for his detentions, and if so, his permanent record will be cleared. Before it was time to go, he had 98 deeds made up, but the Principal dropped his pen, and Johnny picked it up, making 99, and as a result, his PR was cleared, and Hugh was UPSET. Seriously, it's bad enough to ship off your own son to the military academy, but to feel down when the chance was destroyed is just wrongdoing to do towards your own child.
      • In "Spotless Johnny", if Johnny missed his curfew, he will take his video game and television privileges and EVEN PANTS for an entire week, which is sexual abuse and would lead Hugh to jail. And according to the wiki, it pointed out that this would have been an ideal set up by Hugh in order to get rid of Johnny since Johnny would get arrested for public nudity prior to not wearing pants because Hugh confiscated them. It also stated that it would be a possibility that Hugh would also get arrested for either being an "accessory to public nudity" or for masterminding the whole plot.
      • In "My Dinner With Johnny", he bet Johnny Test in which if he didn't use good manners for today's dinner, he will have to clean his room for A YEAR, and yell on the roof he loves his meatloaf, which is a very CRUEL punishment.
      • In the beginning of "Johnny Test in 3D" where he asks what was the good news Lila had to bring to him and the kids, he asked if any of them were things that happened to Johnny, with one of them being about him going to boarding school.
      • According to the trivia about the episode "Lakeside Johnny" in the wiki, it pointed out that Hugh sending Johnny to Camp UnaWunaWakkaWakka ACTUALLY seems to be a way to get him out of his hair for the summer.
      • In the Netflix reboot episode "Johnny's Baby Brother" when the baby started to cause so much trouble, he kept on thinking that Johnny was the one who was causing the trouble and even thought of sending his son to military school like in the above-mentioned episode "99 Deeds of Johnny Test".
      • Because of all of these actions, it makes you question why Johnny never berates Hugh for his actions against him.
    4. Speaking of him constantly feeding his family meatloaf every day, why should he do this? He is obsessed with it, but he should have realized his entire family was getting SICK and TIRED of him doing this, since he has done it every time in the series, which is overused. He should have given other foods a chance/move on to other things or if he was still obsessed with meatloaf, he could have the meatloaf himself while his family gets other things. He even does it to the point there was a part in Johnny's nightmare where Hugh stuffs him in a meatloaf and sings a song about having meatloaf for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner (though the last two options of when to have meatloaf makes sense) in "Johnny Test's Day Off".
    5. He suffered a portion of torture in some episodes.
      • In the episode "A Scholarship For Johnny" which had a scene where a football player violently throws a football directly at Hugh, resulting in him crashing into the wall forming a hole shaped like him prior to the force that was pushed into him from the football.
      • In "Johnny Goes Nuts", Hugh had trouble with his nut costume from switching his body side from the two holes for his eyes to see to the other side where there weren't any holes, causing him to lose his sight, bump into things, and even end up in the Porkbelly Nut Forest to be attacked by squirrels.
      • In "Johnny Daddy Day", all of the things Johnny, Lila, Susan, and Mary did for Hugh went wrong, leading to him suffering tons of injuries.
      • "Johnny Irresistible" is another example. There is a scene where he is trampled by a crowd of people who were attracted to Johnny's popularity.
      • In "JohnnyTube" he gets severely injured and mauled by a rabid, wild, raving badger that Johnny was using for a video to upload on the internet, to the point where he is later on seen in the episode in a hospital truck on the way to the emergency room due to his injuries.
      • In "The Sands of Johnny", he was put under a massive heap of work because sand was getting brushed into the house, resulting in him forcing himself to clean up the entire mess like the neat-freak he is.
      • In "Past and Present Johnny", he lost a video game tournament competition back in his teenage years from getting something called "Combat Cramp" (which is when one's hand starts to swell from using video game controllers vigorously), although it was fixed when Johnny and Dukey traveled back in time and helped him (in disguise as a teen attending the competition).
      • In "Tiny Johnny", he harms himself in some scenes where he tries to make a trap for Montague the mouse.
      • In the Netflix reboot episode "Johnny'Mon Go!", he obliviously injured himself by bumping and crashing into random objects without looking where he was going all because he got distracted by the new TinyMon game on his phone.
    6. He isn't apparently smart, as revealed in "Johnny on The Job" according to Dark Vegan thanks to the mind trick he played on Hugh.
      • Another thing that shows he lacks intelligence was when in "Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny", he didn't realize Sissy actually barged into the Test household without a proper invitation or permission. He didn't even question why or how she managed to enter, nor get the idea for lecturing Sissy for barging in or calling her mom.
    7. He also seems to get touchy and stingy over small things that may not seem to be a big of a deal, especially ones that might seem terrible, but not a harmful threat.
    8. He is also shown to be domineering at times, as seen in episodes where he forces the entire family (meaning he did the same to Lila, his wife) to attend dinner and go out on vacations he planned, especially when he made Lila give away all her phones because they were vacationing at a dude ranch which forbade phones prior to keeping the place based off of a period where electronic devices of any sort weren't invented, which turns out to be the Wild West of course.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. It turns out that Hugh may mean well at times since he's the one more likely to scold, correct, punish, and discipline his children while Lila does it only when it's necessary although she doesn't always deal with the Test kids because of not only the first reason but she is always busy.
      • This is helped by the fact that his family still loves and cares about him despite his behavior and actions.
    2. His design is still well-memorable and good, especially his current design for the Netflix reboot.
    3. Ian James Corlett still does a good job at voicing him.
    4. Most of the time Hugh does get some compresses for his actions, usually when he's at his Butt-Monkey status.
    5. He finally asked his son the truth about his punishments in "Papa Johnny" where he lives as being a helpless janitor from the building and marries his rich wife and might be the reason why he punished Johnny very badly is that he is a tragic father who suffered the hardest day for what he does. And thanks to him that he finally apologizes to his son in the end for having abusive things for what he was done.
    6. Much like with Henry and Peter's parents and Stephen and Linda Stotch, there are admittedly some occassions where his punishing of Johnny is justified.
    7. He was a much better character in the first three seasons and redeemed himself in the reboot.
      • And the best part is!: He did a great job destroying a Smart Car in "Johnny's Super Smart House" in a clever way.


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