Hudson Gimble (Game Shakers, seasons 1 and 2)

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Hudson Gimble is the tritagonist of the American live action sitcom "Game Shakers". He's not very intelligent, making him suitable for a test dummy.

Why He Sucked

  1. The only reason he became a Game Shaker is because Babe thought he was cute.
  2. In "Secret Level", he once told people that there was a secret level on "Octopie", which there wasn't, which means he caused a angry mob.
  3. He often takes commands literally.
  4. No character development. In fact, he is the complete opposite of character development, as he gets worse each episode rather than better.
  5. His laugh will start to get annoying, especially when done at the worst times.
  6. He often tells bad puns to the gang.
  7. He never gets acknowledged, even when he does something smart.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When he's not being an idiot, he's actually a pretty nice guy.
  2. Sadly, he's the nicest member of the Game Shakers. That's really saying something!
  3. He improved in season 3


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