Hua Mulan (2020)

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Hua Mulan
Mulan 2020.jpeg
This is what happens if you take anything good about her and remove any flaws that makes the 1998 version relatable.
Gender: Female
Type: Flanderized Mary Sue
Age: Adult
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Liu Yifei
Media of Origin: Disney's Mulan'

Hua Mulan is the is the titular main protagonist of the 2020 remake of Disney's Mulan. However, she was flanderized in the 2020 live-action film.

Why She's Not Honorable At All

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, she's been flanderized into a dull and overpowered Chosen One from birth. As a result, she ends up as woke pandering than an actual character.
    • One of the examples is that when Chen Honghui finds her in the lake, she says he's not her friend and he just goes away without their relationship breaking as a result. She also never struggles with what she did and she also doesn't have to pay the price. But then the next time they see each other, they are somehow good as friends as before, which doesn't make any sense.
    • In the 1998 film, Mulan was just an average woman who was just brave, intelligent and strong-willed, which made her endearing and relatable, because she is not necessarily the best. However, 2020 Mulan was apparently born with high amounts of Chi, which allowed her to be powerful from the get-go and perform Matrix-level feats during battle.
  2. From the start, Mulan is forbidden from using her Chi powers during battle, but ultimately decides to use said powers later on. This plot element about her being forbidden from using her powers is never brought up again afterwards.
  3. At one point, she baits the enemies into shooting the mountain, creating an avalanche, making the villains less competent and threatening.
  4. Liu Yifei's performance as Mulan feels stale for the most part.
  5. Her ability to physically hold up against other opponents in the original folklore was turned up to eleven, to the point where it does not fit her character.
  6. Plot armor: examples include,
    • When Mulan receives a fatal stab from a shuriken created from Xian Lang, she somehow survives the attack, despite her armor or even her silk breastplate used to disguise as a man not serving enough protection to block such an attack.
    • Also, there was the looming threat that Mulan will be executed if the commander found out the she's a woman. However, it wasn't represented to the point where the men spare her for no apparent reason.
  7. The moment where Mulan's disguise saves her from being fatally wounded by a shuriken also serves as functionally contradictive with the main theme of "don't be a man, just be yourself", as the disguise she used to pose as a man apparently saved her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Liu Yifei is a decent pick for Mulan, despite her wooden performance.
  2. This incarnation of Mulan still has her positive qualities from her original incarnation; brave, compassionate, clever and resourceful.


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