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    "Time for another chapter in the book of Hreel!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tyrannical Sorcerer Persecutor
    Age: Unknown (presumably in his 40s)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Harvey Friedmann (English)
    Udo Schenk (German)
    Status: Alive (Imprisoned)
    Media of origin: Chi Rho - The Secret
    First appearance: Kidnapped
    Last appearance: Reunion

    Legatus Hreel is the main antagonist/villain of the 2010-2011 Christian animated series Chi Rho - The Secret. He is an evil wizard who wants to ruin a piece of important history, using his cubus to go back in time to change everything. To make sure this goes to plan, he takes a professor of theology with him to get what he desires.

    Why He's Intentionally a Blasphemous Failure

    1. First of all, he is just your average bad guy who does his regular acts of chaos to just benefit himself without any sort of depth and reason for us to understand why he is the way is.
    2. His main motive for this? Well, he wants to destroy the Word of God so he can take over the world as the overall ruler, basically; he wants to be a god.
      • This is already generic, as it’s not even shown or mentioned by him or anyone else as to how he got this craving and/or why he feels contemptuous towards the Word of God. As a result, he is seen as just a mean-spirited, discriminative manchild who can’t take the belief of others when they teach it.
    3. Unlike the rest of the main characters, it is never shown in any episode as to why he wanted to follow his evil master or become evil, to begin with, showing no background as to how he got the desire and willingness to become the person he is. He just appears out of nowhere to cause the problems the other characters must face.
    4. Throughout the series, he treats Professor Petersen as his slave to be his reference for his goals, and it feels forced into the plot since he has an unsteady motivation to start with. He just uses him for Biblical reference, showing us how lazy he is in doing his work. This makes him a plot device for all of the stories to work while being the main catalyst for the professor’s daughter Cora to get him back safely and prevent him from causing any more harm to the timeline.
      • It would’ve been better if he used some sort of spell to get the elements of the stories, along with the additional components he would need to get around the settings. That way, it would still need the involvement of the Professor and Cora, but in a more enthralling story where they are both proactive protagonists and bond together in saving God’s Word.
    5. Every time Petersen refuses to take part in the heinous acts he (Hreel) ordered him to do. He will always coerce him by saying that he will hurt his daughter if he doesn't comply. One notable example would be in “Blind Bartimaeus” when the Professor retaliates against him by hitting him fiercely and yelling at him when he laughs at his act, he threatens him by telling him that he will guarantee the death of her daughter if he pounds him again, showing unnecessary vengeful he can be.
    6. He is pretty weak for someone who's supposed to be an “influential” magician, as he is only able to brainwash others into doing his bidding, and that's all he can do in terms of his abilities.
      • On its own, it still makes him feeble; as it eventually wears off easily to those who are affected by it, and it can be stopped easily with a thorough plan, making him easy to defeat without a fight in almost every episode in the series.
      • This makes you wonder how he can create his cubus with biblical codes despite not being familiar with the Bible to start with, having a “high IQ”, utilizing the ability to create other items, and escaping various traps, without any sort of evidence other than the lazy excuse that “he used magical powers”, due to him being just a human and what way(s) he uses in applying those abilities.
      • One would think he has other powers to create and know other things, but it is always contradicted since he only uses this technique and nothing else is exposed and/or explained clearly.
      • Going back to WHIaBF#4, he could’ve had other abilities to read the Bible entirely in his magical fashion, as well as using them to make his plans work in a way that looks threatening towards the heroes. But since it isn’t developed, he just looks like a rookie who’s new to his necromancy.
    7. The plans he makes (for the majority of the series) are very predictable to the point of being tiresome and flat-out dumb. On an average story of a certain chapter, he would usually come up with a scheme to destroy a specific piece of the storyline that he is assigned to do from his evil master, usually without thinking of ways to possibly stop Cora and her friends; Habib and The Marvelous Wanderers (Sammy, Emma, Maxxi and Nick) when they are present or could come to foil his plans. He would then use his useless brainwashing technique (both on and/or off-screen) to “gain” some help in the shtick he came up with while using the Professor as a Biblical reference to get ideas on how he can reach his goal and help the enemies of the innocent ones. These ideals would then backfire on him (sometimes in a comical way), and he is given another chance where he could just easily fail again, due to the constant interference of Cora and her mates.
      • In “Noah’s Ark”, he plans to overthrow Noah and his family so he can get the ark when he will just be punished by the natural causes once the flood happens. This could stem from the strong currents during the flood, and stern lightning strikes, even as far as having the boat destroyed when it possesses evil people along with him.
      • In the same event, he doesn’t try to shut the professor’s mouth after he catches him escaping from his presence (as the muzzle he put on him went out), which leads to him (Professor Petersen) yelling the name of his daughter to the point where anyone outside the vessel could hear him. Which would have easily exposed Hreel to the open public.
      • He doesn’t try to give weapons or any useful items to a group of “his followers” when he tries to attack the watercraft, nor does he use any powers and/or resources to quicken the pace of his plan. This makes it easy to fail on a snap of a finger.
      • His time is wasted easily when he continues to deal with his obsessive carrier, where he tries to persuade him to leave him alone with no avail, only to give up shortly because the carrier tells him that he will be punished if he is seen without him. Not only is this out of character to the already imbecilic magician, but it’s pretty hypocritical since he is okay with others getting hurt, even killing them, and if he is okay with that; then why should he be concerned about him? He could’ve just ignored him and went along with his plan in getting what he wanted, or better yet, request the Pharaoh to let his servants desert him due to his personal space.
      • He always has to hire others into doing his bidding by brainwashing them, when it’s clear that most of them will just eventually ruin his plans due to them not being smart enough to deal with Professor Petersen, Cora, and their buddies. Let’s not forget that he has to always bring the Professor when he doesn’t want to come along with him in the first place.
        • Even Hreel himself knows that he had employed dimwits, yet he doesn’t try to come up with more brilliant schemes after he hired them for the most part. He’s even a dummy himself as his “minions” have outsmarted him to a degree, (notably Barabbas when he saw God’s grace through Jesus) all thanks to his selfish behavior, while he has never learned from his mistakes, making him a hypocrite.
      • He never tries to have vigilance on the professor because of his focus on following his master. Since this is the case, the professor can easily escape from him and take him down when the opportunity is laid, even when he is in his captivity again; he can write down short verses so Cora and her friends can follow him to the next story Hreel will destroy next.
      • Even though the professor sees the obvious flaws of his plans when he is with him, he (Hreel) would just ignores him and do the plan anyway, only to speak too soon afterward.
      • There are times when he is gullible enough to accept anything, especially if it's meant to be misleading.
        • He is easily fooled by Habib (a kid with much more clever ideas), even after knowing his skills in the first episode.
        • He thinks that he can use the same type of plan over and over again, only for him to fail (unsurprisingly) since he doesn’t consider the danger he will be in when he does those things.
    8. He has done several crimes to get his way, which could’ve given a ton of dire consequences if it succeeded.
      • He tries to get Jesus arrested for a crime he didn’t commit with the help of Barabbas in “Kidnapped”, by framing him for petty theft of cash, though thankfully his plan got foiled.
      • In “Noah’s Ark”, he “asks” the professor to free the animals from the ark (which sadly succeeded), which could have led to some casualties once the runaway creatures went into the city and possibly trampled over the residents, especially Cora and Noah himself.
      • In the same scenario, he tries to incite a riot of rebels to overthrow Noah and his family by slanderizing them to the group and telling the latter lies about Noah being a negligent person towards them. This is enforcing hypocrisy as the city of brats did wicked things to each other and even Noah and his household. Despite Noah telling them that a flood was coming, they were ignorant of his message and continued with their bad actions. As a result, they were supposed to be punished for their decisions by the flood and shouldn't have been covetous of a privilege they refused.
      • During the slavery of the Israelites in “The Baby in the Bulrushes”, he attempts to commit infanticide on Moses by using the Pharoah’s forces, later flooding the Nile of Egypt to kill him easily by drowning or getting himself eaten by crocodiles, which destroyed Egypt’s harvest and possibly the rest of the area. Not to mention that the enslaved nation will not have a leader when he is murdered.
      • He has kidnapped the professor several times after the latter had escaped from his continuous captivity, although this would thankfully end later on.
    9. When he eventually gets caught, he acts like a coward when he finds out that he has been cornered, and although it's warranted, there were still times he could've turned the table with his other possible abilities in many cases. He has even tried to frame others for his suffering when it's absolutely clear that it was his, to begin with. Even when he's reprimanded and even teased for it, he just yells back at them, showing that he can barely handle criticism.
      • When Barabbas and he are seized in “Kidnapped”, he tries to run away with him only for him to lose his “employee”, when he could’ve tried to manipulate the Roman soldiers and the offended to prevent them from being arrested.
      • Once the professor is amused enough to tell him of his failure in “Noah’s Ark”, he angrily asks him to shut his mouth.
      • Every time he is confronted by the evil master he serves, he gets scared so easily that he makes lame excuses almost every time he comes into contact with him. This makes you wonder; why does Hreel ever want to work for him?
    10. Despite getting the raw end of his actions, he is still considered a Gary Stu to a degree. This comes from the times he can successfully get certain elements of his plan before gaining the nail in the coffin, along with the rewards he “deserves”.
      • Though weak, he can get others for his plans by brainwashing them into his wants, and in response, they obey them (though temporarily anyway).
      • As stated previously in WHIaBF#8, he can kidnap the professor several times despite the latter’s attempts to escape, until he is finally dealt with.
      • In “The Baby in the Bulrushes”, the Pharaoh awards “his” sinister deed by giving him access to sit in a luxurious Sedan Chair with carriers, despite forcing the involvement of Professor Petersen to get the reference.
    11. No matter how many times others were kind to him, he would always respond by making matters worse for them to benefit himself awfully, much like Naoka Ueno and Brian Griffin, which just makes him a plain bully since the ones that have shown him some good didn't warrant such payback.
    12. He has other moments of hypocrisy.
      • He thinks that Cora (as well as her buddies), should mind their own business and not intrude on his plans. Yet he is the one who is intruding, from trespassing the Petersen home to capture the professor and invading God’s Word to make a pointless name for himself (as stated previously).
    13. While his voices are good for the most part, his laughter just sounds like a lazy attempt of a tough person chortling with grit, instead of a more booming voice to show his significance as a menace.
    14. It is unknown what his last name; Hreel, actually means, as there aren't any occasions explaining it in full terms. This raises suspicions that Hreel is acting the way his name applies or is just contradicting what that name means.
    15. He tends to be treated like an object of ridicule on a couple of occasions, which while deserving, just makes him more of a joke than what he already is.
      • In “Noah’s Ark”, he gets laughed at by the professor when he easily sees him losing light when he executes his plan.
      • When he is carried on Egypt’s royal chair in “The Baby in the Bulrushes”, one of the carriers comments on how overweight he is, claiming to be heavier than his wives.
      • In the same area, his Sudan Chair gets wrecked thanks to the high impact of Emma, Sammy, and Nick’s jumps, and to top it all off, he gets his grapes eaten by the latter and has to deal with an overprotective carrier.
    16. Because of his actions, he can easily be considered to be one of the worst characters of Christian media and even religious media as a whole.

    Actual Villainous Qualities

    1. If it hadn't been for him, we wouldn't have seen the love Cora has for her father and her dedication to her father’s goal to save the Bible from permanent destruction.
    2. He does have moments where he acts like a proper compelling villain (despite being poorly written for the most part).
      • During his presence in “Noah’s Ark’, he does have decent minions to look out for Cora and her father’s cubus as they did look out for her presence and easily recognized her (as Hreel presumably gave them the description). Their attempts to capture her and Habib were pretty clever, as they never gave up on doing their tasks and were able to catch both of them off guard. However, they would get their punishment when a lioness came to save the former kid duo.
    3. At least we can learn to not be discriminative towards others in their religion, and not mess with what is real during those past times.
    4. His first name does suit him, as Legatus means being connected to a general-in-chief while the pre-tense; legate, means the solemn representative of somebody else. This does comply with him in the series since he's connected to the devil or Satan in this case (the ruler of evil) due to him being his servant who commits evil acts to showcase his presence. This goes further when he associates with powerful rulers like Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas, to put his evil desires into place.
    5. His design is pretty good for the show, as he does look like an evil sorcerer (though still misleading).
    6. The theme he has is orchestrated well, as it does match his presence as an evil-doer. When it is played, you can tell that he will be out and about when he committed his crimes.
    7. Speaking of crimes, he always gets consequences for his bad behavior much like other villains.
      • His plan to overthrow Noah and his cohorts was easily foiled when the flooding went up quickly to engulf the city, with the door of the ark closing as it rose in “Noah’s Ark”.
      • When he tries to manipulate the Princess of Egypt to prevent her from going outside in “The Baby in the Bulrushes”, the professor catches him off-guard by covering his body to prevent him from controlling her any further, with the Wanderers tying him up like a mailbag and getting his “buddy” thrown on top of him. This makes up for his attempted infant murder to an extent.
      • Almost every time he fails, he gets confronted by his evil master in an angry tone for his behavior, no matter how many times he makes bad excuses.
      • Similar to Big Tex Arkana, his employees have gotten comeuppance for their involvement in his misdeeds.
        • The followers he manipulated eventually drowned during the great flood in “Noah’s Ark” when they tried to strike Noah and his lineage.
        • His “servant”; Barabbas did get caught for the misdeeds he committed.
          • In “Kidnapped”, his attempt to frame Jesus backfires when Habib and the Wanderers place the guilt on him after he commits the act. He tries to escape but is eventually arrested for his theft by two Roman officers.
      • His status as a punching bag is deserved pretty much, given how heinous he acted.
      • In the final episode; “Reunion”, he finally gets arrested for his crimes like Dolores Umbridge (who was arrested in her final appearance). There in Jerusalem, he gets tripped by Cora, which makes him lose his cubus and easy to get caught by Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate. He is later put into prison with his evil master leaving him.
    8. Both Harvey Friedmann (for the English dub) and Udo Schenk (who plays the German dub), both did good jobs voicing him, since they were able to make him sound threatening (when they were not pretending to laugh).
    9. Clearly, he was meant to be hated anyway.


    • When he brainwashes someone to do a task for him, his eyes will become green as a sign of his manipulation, which is further shown when the person or group of people (depending on the scenario) gets the same color too, showing his successful act of deception.
    • Since he is a main character, he is present in some of the merchandise, such as the CHI RHO gerettet book (the German version of the series. There, he is seen in the back of the hardcover with a character biography along with the other characters.
    • Much like the rest of them, he has appeared in every single episode, the total being 22.


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