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    Howie (Almost Naked Animals)

    Put some clothes on, pervert!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Incredibly Annoying, Idiotic and Unfunny Protagonist
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Dachshund
    Portrayed by: Robert Tinkler
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Almost Naked Animals
    First appearance: It's My Party
    Last appearance: Hambo 1: Galactic Super Swine of the Wild West

    Howie is the main protagonist of the Canadian animated series Almost Naked Animals. He is the owner of the Banana Cabana and is a huge fan of Dirk Danger. He has a rivalry with his older sister Poodle, who owns a competing hotel named the Chateau Chattoo, and who seeks to drive him out of business. Howie is voiced by Robert Tinkler.

    Why He Needs to Put Some Clothes On

    1. To get the hat out of the bag: His design is very ugly and uncanny, and is incredibly disturbing and repulsive to look at, since he is shaved, and he looks like a naked, pale-yellow, furless version of Crash Bandicoot. His design can even give the Grunt Brothers' designs a run for their money. (To be fair, all of the characters in Almost Naked Animals have the same problems with their designs.)
    2. Robert Tinkler (Max from Sam & Max & Gingka from Metal Fight Beyblade) does a poor job voicing him, to the point of sounding very annoying and bland.
    3. His smile is creepy and uncanny. It can even look unsettling at times.
    4. He is completely oblivious to everything and doesn't care what happens around him.
    5. He is one of the many reasons why the series is disliked.
    6. He has a really strange obsession with Dirk Danger, as he has various merchandise of Dirk all over his room and he talks about him all the time whenever he's hanging out in his room.
    7. He doesn't seem to care about his employees and barely sympathizes with them. Instead, he frequently annoys them and gets on their nerves very often, not to mention he's also oblivious to how he treats them.
      • This is especially notable with Octo (who is Howie's best friend) since Howie often puts him in uncomfortable positions to the point that he suffers from pain. Thus, Howie can also qualify as a fake friend due to how he treats Octo.
    8. He refuses to listen to his friends' rules and does stuff that his friends tell him not to do, especially in "No Howies Allowed".
      • In the aforementioned episode, Bunny does not want Howie to visit her while she has a sleepover, and he continues to try to get in her room.
    9. He can be quite destructive, as he sometimes causes damage around the Banana Cabana, and it even gets to the point that he destroyed the hotel several times.
    10. He provides tons of gross-out humor, which is excessively nauseating and unfunny. Some of the humor he provides is inappropriate and disturbingly risqué as well, such as a scene in the very first episode, where he lands on the trampoline bar on his crotch.
    11. He has even twerked a couple of times.
    12. He sometimes doesn't get punished for his actions (which is due to his idiocy), making him an Idiot Houdini.
    13. In one episode, he wanted Bunny to be his new "hero", and he was going to cheer her on by doing whatever she always does. When he started to get tired and bored, he reached his breaking point and said he couldn't be a fan of someone so "girly", which is offensive to girls.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does have some moments where he cares about his friends, showing that he can be caring deep down.
    2. He can be admittedly funny now and then.
    3. He does learn from his mistakes.
    4. He improved slightly in season 3 (except in "No Howies Allowed"), though not by much.


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