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Howie is the main protagonist of Almost Naked Animals. He is the owner of the Banana Cabana and is a huge fan of Dirk Danger. Howie is voiced by Robert Tinkler.

Why He Sucks

  1. His design is very ugly and uncanny and looks like a naked, furless version of Crash Bandicoot.
  2. His voice is very annoying.
  3. His smile is creepy at times.
  4. He is completely oblivious to everything and doesn’t care what happens around him.
  5. He has a really strange obsession with Dirk Danger.
  6. He doesn’t seem to care about his employees and barely sympathizes for them.
  7. He refuses to listen to his friends' rules and does stuff that his friends tell him not to do, especially in "No Howies Allowed".
  8. He keeps destroying the Banana Cabana several times.
  9. He does tons of gross stuff.
  10. He has even twerked a couple of times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There were some moments where he cares about his friends.
  2. He can be admittedly funny every now and then.
  3. He does learn from his mistakes.
  4. He improved a little in season 3 (except in "No Howies Allowed").


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