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    Howard Weinerman
    Imagine a hero's best friend but horribly unsupportive, manipulative and lazy.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Manipulative and Insensitive "Best Friend"
    Age: 14-15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Andrew Caldwell
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
    First appearance: Last Stall on the Left
    Last appearance: Ball's Well That Friends Well

    Howard Weinerman is the deuteragonist of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He is Randy Cunningham's so-called "best friend", Heidi Weinerman's younger brother, and a freshman at Norrisville High.


    Howard can be described as an odd mixture of both loyal, loud-mouthed, and fairly laidback. He is a huge glutton who always becomes quite emotional when his food is ruined, damaged, or snatched away. It is also revealed that he is aware he's less intelligent than Randy, since he laughed with Randy when Randy suggested for Howard try to come up with an idea, or he is simply acknowledging that he prefers not to do so, as he has shown some intelligence in later episodes. Such as knowing how many Scoville units a habanero pepper has. Another notable example, is when he swapped out the power ball with a decoy to save the day. He is also aware that he is naturally a jerk, when he agrees to be the mean judge in the Norrisville High Talent Show, in which he aggressively rejects talent show participants for little to no reason, to earn praises from the audience thus turning them into monsters. Another instance of his desire to be praised by fans is when he was very mean to the Psychobot while replacing Randy as the Ninja and letting his fame go to his head and taking took advantage of being the temporary Ninja by cutting in line and having students glorify him.

    Why He's a Shoob

    1. In short, he is a horrid "best friend" towards Randy.
    2. He is a complete jerk similar to Ren Hoek in Adult Party Cartoon, although he can be considered as a G-rated version of the latter.
    3. He is an incredibly mean-spirited and awful character, as he is incredibly vain, spoiled, insensitive and incredibly manipulative person, especially towards Randy.
      • He is arguably a worse version of Ed from Shaun of the Dead.
    4. He is obsessed with popularity, often encouraging Randy to do awful and humiliating things in a fruitless attempt to achieve popularity. And if Randy refuses to comply, Howard will outright ignore him.
    5. He is incredibly short-sighted and arrogant, as no matter how many times someone gets stanked, beaten or even nearly killed, he still refuses to take accountability or even do so much as apologize for his actions.
    6. He inconveniences others for no reason other than to be a pest.
      • For example he ate Randy's Gravy Fries, hates it when Randy does the right thing.
      • He was bragging at Viceroy while he was still fixing the coaster.
      • He acts rude to multiple people that haven't done anything to deserve such.
      • In "Living in Shooblivion" he constantly belittles and insults Randy on his and Heidi's show, encouraging everyone else to join in. In turn, this causes for Randy's self-esteem and motivation to drop, leaving him unable to fight.
        • In fact, if Ward S. Smith didn't help Randy overcome his insecurities, someone or even the whole school could've winded up dead!
    7. As emphasized multiple times before, Howard is a terrible and manipulative friend to Randy.
      • When Randy doesn't do what he says and goes into the Nomicon to do an important Ninja business, Howard gets mad because he thinks what he does now (i.e. playing video games) is way more important than the Ninja stuff (i.e. saving the world).
      • He never appreciates Randy or his help on multiple occasions. An example is after he was freed from the Tengu he cheered when he realized it was Randy's fault (it was actually Howard's, to begin with) and then thanked him.
    8. He rarely gets punished for his actions, making him a Karma Houdini, and he never learns a lesson.
    9. He was needlessly cruel in "The Ninja's Identity" and "Ninja Supremacy" when he took over as The Ninja after Randy accident mind-wiped himself. He took the time to humiliate the Psycho-Bot and even got the school destroyed in 10 minutes after it (Psycho-Bot) got Stank. He proved to be a terrible Ninja (ties with Mac Antfee the Ninja of 1985 who was fired).
    10. He is incredibly disrespectful to his family, especially towards his father.
      • When his dad didn't believe him when he lied about the Ninja trashing the house, Howard was sent to his room to think about what he had done and on the phone, Howard says he doesn't like to think his actions have consequences.
      • He often calls his dad by his first name.
      • His worst offender being in "Mort-al Combat" when he pressured Randy into further lying about what happened to the house, causing for his father to believe that The Ninja was targeting his family. This caused for a fight between Randy and Howard's father that nearly ends with both of them being killed. Worst of all, Howard doesn't even show care or concern for Randy or his (Howard's) father, only being disappointed that he had to tell the truth.
    11. He never takes responsibility for his actions and blames Randy, even if he isn't partially responsible.
    12. He is very hypocritical as he only wants Randy to go into the Nomicon unless he (Howard) is messing up but while he states it is stupid when Randy goes in for the right thing. There are other examples like in Secret Stache where he attempted to rat Randy out, by calling him a "fakie", of the Stache Society, even though Howard himself is also a "fakie", and Monster Dump, where he ate "victory nachos" after he and Randy spat into the crater, as Randy requested to eat those as well.
    13. He is literally too stupid to live as he ignores Randy's warnings about McFist's products. Such as McFizzles, which turns people into zombies, and their soupsickles which turns people into soup crazed monsters when he eats a dozen of them.

    Bruce Qualities

    1. He is surprisingly loyal to Randy, despite being a jerk.
    2. He occasionally gets punished for his actions.
    3. He does have his good moments like when he competed chess with Steve Riley robot in Stanks Like Teen Spirit.
    4. His design was great.
    5. Andrew Caldwell did a amazing job in voice acting as him.


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