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    Hot Shot (Unicron Trilogy)

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    Hot Shot (Unicron trilogy)
    Hot Shot (Unicron Trilogy).jpg
    if you're trying to give me a complex you're gonna have to do better than that.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Immature Autobot
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Cybertronian
    Portrayed by: Brent Miller (Armada & Energon)
    Kirby Morrow (Cybertron)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Transformers: Unicron trilogy
    First appearance: Transformers: Armada

    Hot Shot (Japanese: Hot Rod (Armada/Micron Legend), Hot Shot (Energon/Superlink), and Exillion (Cybertron/Galaxy Force) ホットロッド Hotto Roddo, ホットショット Hotto Shotto, エクシリオン Ekushirion) is a young Autobot who works for Optimus Prime. He is one of the main protagonists of the Unicron Trilogy of Transformers.

    Why He Sucks

    1. Hot Shot is extremely immature (In Armada and Cybertron).
    2. His maturity makes no sense at all. He went from a childish in Armada being to a serious character in Energon, and got slenderized to be childish again in Cybertron.
    3. Speaking of Transformers: Energon, his personality became incredibly bland, boring, and dull.
    4. Hot Shot from the Unicron Trilogy can easily be compared to Bumblebee from the Michael Bay Penology. Both are yellow (Until Hot Shot turned blue in Cybertron), both are robots, both are childish, both transform into sports cars, both tend to be the kid-appeal characters of their respective continuities, and both of them are from continuities that have many installments (A trilogy of cartoons and a pentalogy of films respectively). The only difference is that Hot Shot is overly talkative (Especially in Armada and Cybertron), and Bumblebee barely speaks (His actual voice can really only be heard in Transformers 2007 and Transformers 5: The Last Knight).
    5. He talks way too much.
    6. He used a star saber to literally commit dismemberment on cutting off Cyclonus's afterburner and tried to kill Dead End without mercy in the Armada episode, "Overmatch".
    7. Also in the said episode, he underestimated Scavenger and got himself defeated by him which is very pathetic of him.
    8. Some of his toy versions are not that good, such as Armada/BTR/Universe Hot Shot and Energon Hot Shot.
    9. The reason why Hot Shot was blue is because originally, in Galaxy Force (Japanese dub of Cybertron), it was originally a complete reboot and Exillion being a completely separate character.
      • However, they later merged the past two shows, thus causing confusion in the US, thus explaining Hot Shot being childish again in Cybertron.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. At least his designs in vehicle and robot modes are passable.
    2. He wasn't really a whiny guy.
    3. Some of his toys versions are quite good, such as Cybertron Hot Shot and Legacy Armada Hot Shot.
    4. He's not as bad as Ironhide from Energon.
    5. Brent Miller & Kirby Morrow (the voices of Zane & Cole from Lego Ninjago respectively) give good vocal performances as him.


    • Hot Shot was originally going to be called "Bumblebee", but Hasbro didn't have the rights during 2002 - 2005.
    • He was voiced by Brent Miller in Armada and Energon, who would later be the voice of Zane from "Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu". Ironically, he would later be voiced by Kirby Morrow in Cybertron, who also voiced Cole.


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