Horace (The Problem Solverz)

Horace is one of the main characters of the Cartoon Network/Netflix series The Problem Solverz. He is the leader of the trio and is Roba's twin brother.

This is not how you design a character for a 2010's Cartoon Network show.
Gender: Male
Type: Ugly Bland Jerk
Age: Early 20s
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ben Jones (pilot)
Kyle Kaplan
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Problem Solverz

He was voiced by Kyle Kaplan.

Why He'z A Problem

  1. Just like the other characters, his design is extremely ugly; in fact, his face looks a lot like Pepe the Frog, but a thousand times uglier.
  2. His design was even uglier in the pilot episode that it of when he was seen with Alfe.
  3. He seems to love staring at people for some reason, which can get very creepy and unsettling.
  4. He is just as unfunny as his twin brother Roba and Alfe.
  5. While not bad, his voice can sometimes be quite grating to listen to.
    • Even more so when Ben Jones was the original voice for him in both "Cabin Gone Crazy" and "Neon Knome", with Jones doing the worse voice job than Kyle Kaplan.
  6. He is terribly animated, just like the rest of The Problem Solverz characters, even for standard Flash animated shows.
  7. He tends to mistreat his twin brother Roba in a selfish manner and he barely tends to get any form of comeuppance for his actions towards Roba.
  8. Despite being a leader, his and Roba's ideas can cause trouble while solving everyday problems.
  9. His facial expressions can get uncanny and cringe-worthy at times.

Redeeming Qualitiez

  1. He's not always acting like the biggest jerk around.
  2. Despite the flaws, his voice is nice to hear, if not annoying.
  3. Kyle Kaplan did a better job voicing Horace than Ben Jones did.
  4. He can be likable sometimes.
  5. He does have some funny moments.
  6. He can be slightly smart at times.
  7. He is more sane than Roba and especially Alfe.


  • His voice sounds very similar to Mordecai from Regular Show, even though they were both voiced by Kyle Kaplan and J.G Quintel respectively.



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