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Frankie you don't love me? Why? WHY?

Hoodude Voodoo is a recurring character in the Monster High franchise, being known to have been originally introduced on the webseries in 2011 in the episode HooDoo You Like?, becoming a regular character in the franchise ever since.

Why He Sucks

  1. He was randomly created on the show just to serve as a fake boyfriend for Frankie Stein just so she can keep up her friendship with her friends. (Frankie didn't even know he was a living doll to begin with).
  2. Among the characters, he has the ugliest and most disturbing designs. Hoodude looks even worse in the 3D films: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/15/d9/e4/15d9e486b7dd9ed48a234bd06ae98e5b.jpg
  3. His love interest with Frankie is disturbing due to the fact Frankie was his creator, which would make this couple an INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP, since Frankie is clearly THE MOTHER of Hoodude Voodoo.
  4. He tends to be overly dramatic and whiny knowing that Frankie doesn't accept him as her boyfriend.
  5. Since he is a voodoo doll he is often responsible for making Monster High students feel pain every time he gets hurt.
  6. He is also very careless, even though he is responsible for making other students feel pain every time he gets hurt he makes no effort to be cautious and avoid accidents.
  7. He is very naive and lets himself be carried away by what others say and be manipulated by them like in one of the episodes where Toralei used him to torture the students at the school for fun.

The ONLY redeeming quality

  1. Being very naive as a whole he is not to blame for making Monster High students suffer since he doesn't want them to be miserable.


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