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    The Hocotate Ship (ドルフィン初号機, lit.: "S.S. Dolphin first model) is a ship from Pikmin 2. Its known to insult and belittle others for minor disadvantages and as well as accuse anyone as lazy even if it has a purpose such as insulting the Pikmin for sleeping in their Onion though it is used for survival purposes despite the ship not thinking the same.

    Hocotate Ship
    "The Pikmin seem to still be asleep inside their Onion. What lazy creatures! No wonder they lack survival skills"
    Gender: Male (AI)
    Type: Mean Popular Ship
    Age: N/A
    Species: Ship
    Portrayed by: N/A
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Pikmin

    Why Its Lazy And Lacks Skills

    1. Its personality is very elitist and condescending which comes off as mean spirited and annoying and will go far to insult the Pikmin even though they're very competent.
    2. The ship is very hypocritical as it calls the Pikmin lazy for sleeping in the Onion at night and doesn't consider it a survival skill as well thinking it's lacking when really it isn't since Pikmin use it to hide from the predators at night in which it's actually is one of their survival skills yet the ship however just stands there and will do nothing except gather treasure and take out Purple and White Pikmin.
    3. The noise the ship makes can get annoying as it uses a loud autotuned like voice to communicate.
    4. It overuses tutorials you already know from the first game though it can be understandable as some players first played Pikmin 2 which was great for veterans of the first and newcomers alike.
    5. Because of the ship's attitude, annoying personality and overused tutorials led Nintendo to not give any personality for the ships in the later games.
    6. It once scolded Olimar and Louie in the prologue for working too hard which is ironic coming from the same ship that insulted the Pikmin for being "lazy".
    7. It thought of letting Olimar, Louie or The President (Depending on debt being paid off) and the Pikmin go alone in the Submerged Castle which is very mean spirited as well as stupid since they wouldn't get any debt without it.
    8. For some reason, it decided to be irresponsible when it didn't even bother trying to stop Louie from wandering off and didn't bother telling Olimar that he mistakenly left him behind.
    9. It also insults Olimar's piloting skills to the point where he had to angrily call out the ship in one of the data files in Pikmin 3

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Its tutorials can be helpful for newcomers that had Pikmin 2 as their first Pikmin game.
    2. Its design is very good and matches of what an old space ship would look like.
    3. It does make a nice appearance in the Smash Bros franchise as Olimar's final smash.


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