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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Profanity, racism and mentions of Nazism.

    Hillary "Hilly" Walter Holbrook
    "You are a godless woman!" -Aibileen Clark "Eat my s**t!" -Minny Jackson
    Gender: Female
    Type: Manipulative Spoiled Diva
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bryce Dallas Howard
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Help

    Hillary "Hilly" Walters Holbrook is a fictional character in the book and film The Help created by Kathryn Stockett and portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard. She's known as the leader of the socialite group the Bridge Club, and serves somewhat as a primary antagonist in both the book and the film, attempting to instate multiple segregation laws in the community, repressing the voices of the African-American maid community.

    Why She Intentionally Sucks

    1. Sure, there were plenty of racists back in the 1960s (not that it was ever okay just because some time has passed), but Hilly honestly takes it too far to the point that she's a borderline Nazi, constantly actively trying to make the lives of African-Americans, specifically maids, that much worse.
    2. She is an extremely pretentious diva, to the point where she drives to Elizabeth's house for every party even though she lives right next to her. She also only uses her house for the Bridge Club meetings and never her own, even though Elizabeth is suffering from postpartum depression and can't even properly take care of her own daughter.
    3. She is so single-mindedly racist that she spreads a false rumor that African-Americans carry different diseases that they spread by using bathrooms, trying to convince people to give their black servants separate bathrooms just for that reason. Sure, those rumors might've existed back then, but she never says what those "diseases" even are or how they're harmful anyway. She is the epitome of a hateful 60s citizen who is also a fraud for making up these pathetically awful lies.
    4. Even if you don't focus just on her racism, she's an absolutely horrible friend to all members of the Bridge Club, including and especially Skeeter (who's directly anti-racist). She constantly tells them what to do, thinking she has that sort of power over all of them and then flat out manipulating them into treating their own maids poorly or doing other things they don't even want to do, especially as they're often expensive.
      1. She constantly badgers Skeeter to put an initiative for donating new coats in her yard despite that being directly against her job, to the point where she steals a book Skeeter loaned about the Jim Crow Laws just to more or less blackmail her into doing it.
      2. While Elizabeth herself isn't exactly a good person either, Hilly constantly bullies her into giving up a lot just to satisfy her, exploiting her postpartum depression to make her even more susceptible. She forced her to build Aibileen a personal bathroom as mentioned before, even if it evokes the ire of her husband and Aibileen is literally the only one who takes care of her daughter, Mae Mobley (to the point where Mae tells Aibileen that she's her real mother).
      3. When Celia accidentally rips a small part of her dress, she sends a very passive-aggressive note more or less demanding $200 in recompense.
    5. She treats her own mother and her maid, Minny, very poorly, acting like she's the latter's boss even though her mother hired her. Making her come off as a bully.
    6. She does countless horrible things, especially to the maids of the community and the African-American community as a whole. As Aibileen says: "a white man would probably try to kill you for any reason while a white woman would try to ruin your entire life", and Hilly is the epitome of that phrase.
      1. She treats Celia horribly despite the latter trying to be her friend, it's loosely implied that it's because she married a man before her, though that's hardly Celia's fault. She has all the other Bridge members treat her like trash as well.
      2. She refuses to loan her new maid, Yule Mae, some money for her children's college tuition. When she then finds and pockets a worthless garnet ring that Hilly threw away, she then has her arrested over that.
      3. She gets a maid who wasn't even interviewed for the book fired, simply over the belief that they were, and tries to get another one fired for the same reason (this time being right), which is all incredibly petty.
      4. She puts her own mother in a nursing home just for laughing at a prank Minny pulled in revenge for firing her.
      5. She tries to get Skeeter and Aibileen arrested over the book, which clearly doesn't end up happening.
      6. She gets Aibileen fired over the book by Elizabeth, once again, forcing someone who's suffering a severe mental disorder to do something she doesn't even want to do.
    7. In case you couldn't guess this based on everything else, she says the N-word a lot despite clearly relying on them for service.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She's clearly meant to be an unlikeable character.
    2. Bryce Dallas Howard is perfect in the role and gives a great performance, a role she was reluctant to pick up in the first place because of the character's racism.
    3. She gets her comeuppance in more ways than one throughout the story, and it's all very satisfying.
      1. Minny reveals the "terrible awful" to Celia, causing her to finally see Hilly as the manipulative bully that she is and send out the $200 check to "Two-Slice Hilly", which humiliates her and makes the check worthless as it'll reveal the story in the book is true.
      2. Minny's "terrible awful" done to her, while gross, is nonetheless satisfying and very cathartic after everything she's done.
        1. Minny also gets a much better job working as Celia's maid, who not only pays her better, but treats her as a friend and even allows her to move away from her abusive husband and into their house with her kids.
        2. Her own mom also knows about it and uses it to humiliate her, even flat out saying it's one of the few things she still remembers despite her dementia.
      3. When she tries to threaten to falsely sue Skeeter for libel in the book, she instead is told off by Skeeter's mom, who let's it known that she knows about the "terrible awful" and that it happened to her, forcing her away and taking her down quite a peg.
      4. Skeeter gets back at her for the blackmail by changing the old "coats" donation to "commodes", which humiliates her by having her lawn full of discarded toilets.
      5. Her attempt to get Aibileen arrested on false charges backfires horribly, especially as Aibileen finally calls her a "godless woman" in front of Elizabeth, which causes her to cry after realizing she's been thoroughly beaten.
      6. The boss is the aforementioned second maid she tried to have fired over the book simply says "[she'll] think about it" just to get her off her back, but never does so as she genuinely and mutually considers said maid to be her family.
      7. Overall, she is so thoroughly humiliated by the "terrible awful" mentioned in the book that she will now be seen as less by her false friends and community, especially with how pressing charges for it would only be admitting that it was true and she'd lose literally every last bit of respect she still has.
      8. Aibileen, though fired by Elizabeth, has made more than enough money from the book to be able to retire from maid work altogether.


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