Hewdraw (Kid Icarus)

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Hewdraw is a character from Nintendo's Kid Icarus series. They are a giant hydra and the second boss in the original NES game, and they later reappear in Kid Icarus: Uprising.


Why They Suck

  1. In the Kid Icarus NES game, they appear as a boss and like most of the bosses, they take a whopping 200 hits to be defeated, which is absurd and unfair.
  2. The voices they make if hit is annoying and very ear-piercing to listen to.
  3. They have no other attacks other than trying to bump into Pit.
  4. Their defeated animation in the NES game isn't satisfying.
  5. They have little to no personality.
  6. Their official artwork in the NES game looks ugly.
  7. Like with most other characters, they have not appeared in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, heck, they don't even make a cameo appearance.
  8. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, they reappear with 3 heads instead of one, but it's literally never confirmed how that happened.
  9. They are somehow dumb, they call Pit a "morsel" even though he is a kid angel.
  10. Later, they start arguing with each other, which causes Pit to get embarrassed.
  11. Their attacks can do so much damage, and take out Pit's health in almost no time.
  12. At times, their attacks sometimes home into you, which is annoying.
  13. That freaking Power Laser Attack! In their boss fight, they will shoot a homing laser that moves so fast, and it moves at high speeds making it impossible to dodge. Heck, and if it hits Pit, he will say that it's hard to avoid.
  14. After you defeat them, they will say; "Before I die, I just wanna say" and explodes, and it's never confirmed what it was.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Their defeated cutscene in Kid Icarus: Uprising is satisfying.
  2. Seeing the Hewdraw with 3 heads can look cool, depending on your views.


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