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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Estelle Harris (1928-2022).

    "This character doesn't deserve to have a job in the first place."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Elder Abuser and Manipulator
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Estelle Harris
    Media of origin: The Proud Family

    Helga is the main antagonist of The Proud Family episode, "Thelma and Luis".

    She was voiced by the late Estelle Harris.

    Why the Happy Endings Resort Closed Down Forever

    1. She kidnapped a lot of senior citizens by tricking them into coming to a luxourious retirement home that is filled with many amazing things to keep the seniors relaxed when it turned out to be an okra plantation which she used to make the real elderly folks work in.
    2. She got away with it by not only making her place look like a paradise for senior citizens, but also had some of her young adult coworkers disguise as the elderly people in the place to make visitors think they were treating them right by having servants feeding and massaging them while the real ones were tortured behind their backs.
    3. She ran the entire okra farm like an abusive, unsympathetic, cruel, and authoritative tyrant.
    4. She has no respect for elders after all she did.
    5. She is also manipulative and cunning since she tricked a lot of people to think she was a caring woman who wanted to make senior citizens' lives better but is cruel in the inside.
      • She can be considered an elder abuser for that.
    6. When Papi Boulevardez when he first came there after Sunset Boulevardez was tired of him unintentionally messed things around, Helga tormented him to the point that LaCienega, Penny, their friends, and Suga Mama found out Helga's true colors (for LaCienega, Penny, and the gang, they went to the place they thought was the retirement home because LaCienega wanted to see Papi, only for them to find out the truth, and as for Suga Mama, when the Proud and Boulevardez families went to the retirement home to see the truth, Suga Mama noticed the person they mistakened for Papi wasn't him due to the size of the person's feet being too small).

    Only Extremely Few Redeeming Qualities

    1. She and her coworkers received their comeuppance by getting arrested (albeit off-screen) after the truth about their retirement home service being revealed, thus this prevents her from being a karma houdini.
    2. The late Estelle Harris did a great job voicing her.
    3. Helga's design is passable and great as well, much like all of The Proud Family characters.


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