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    Helen Dubois
    "That is not my job!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean-Sprited Manager
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Yvette Nicole Brown
    Frances Callier (Little Diva)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Drake & Josh

    Helen Ophelia Dubois is the manager of the The Premiere theater, where Josh (and formerly Drake) work at. She is one of the main secondary characters of Drake & Josh, and is played by Yvette Nicole Brown. She also guest starred in the Victorious episode "Helen Back Again", the Game Shakers episode "Tiny Pickles", and Yvette Nicole Brown also voices Mayor Davis in The Loud House.

    Bad Qualities That Could Get Her Fired

    1. She's mostly attracted at people's appearances and they're personalities. For example, when Josh initially worked at The Premiere, she treats Josh like he barely exists and every time Drake tags along with Josh, Helen would suddenly treat him like a king, and even promoted Drake to be the Gold Vest, not because he's a hard worker and slightly more experienced than Josh. It's because of his handsome looks. Helen decides to promote Drake for that reason, and when Drake was responsible for throwing a party in her condo, not only did she praise him, she even insisted that Drake is like the "Son she never had", if it was Josh then he'd be automatically fired and even worse banned from the premiere.
    2. Frances Callier made the terrible job to playing her in "Little Diva", even she wasted her career in this episode and made some laugheble behavior that could be better rather than Yvette Nicole Brown.
    3. She was unlikeable in "The Drake and Josh Inn" when Josh rushed in to The Premiere not only did she ask for Josh to leave since it's his day off when Josh needed his help, She rejected Josh, However when Josh said that Drake was in trouble as usual, she rushed in the Parker-Nichols' Residence, instead of stopping the house party she made things worse by tagging along and even dragging a bigger crowd.
    4. She is a terrible boss, as she can't deal with things herself and tends to rely on her employees every time an incident occurs and possibly barely even gives them a raise for their hard work. What's worse is that she never told Mindy what to do as an assistant manager and probably barely trained her for the position, and she treats Crazy Steve as nothing more than a pet.
    5. She mistakenly kicked out Tori Vega in Hollywood Arts for the reason "Untalented and irritating", however even though the names were mixed up Helen should have noticed it earlier and double checked it or let her assistant double check it before delivering it in the first place.
    6. She gave Josh a hard time when she got a laser eye surgery, because Josh is having a hard time with his step-brother, Helen should have stayed with Josh in the first place instead of going into random places and worrying Josh, even driving Josh to think that she was ran over by a car, and being blamed for being irresponsible when it was Helen's fault in the first place.
    7. It's unexplained why she has her own TV show in Game Shakers. Did she quit being a principal at Hollywood Arts? Or did she just randomly think of having her own TV Show or she still had some revenue from her old business and decided to use that budget in to making a TV show?
    8. Even though she started to Like Josh when he lost weight and became physically attractive, she sometimes still treats him like he barely exists in the world and what's worse is she treats him much worse in his current state than his initial state, probably thinking since Josh is much skinnier, he's a much more efficient employees and at times when Josh is in his day off, Helen would suddenly barge in to Josh's free time and make him work even if he doesn't want to.
    9. In "Megan's First Kiss", she does not pay Josh the full amount he should get in his paycheck, and she said that she only does this to "save money", which is illegal and what's worse is that she never gets punished for it.

    Good Qualities

    1. She was nice enough to finally promote Josh in "Really Big Shrimp", finally showing she finally cares about him when Josh knew how to tame Crazy Steve when he went berserk that's when she realized her mistreating towards Josh and decided to finally promote him as Assistant Manager.
    2. Her guest appearances on Victorious and Game Shakers are still nice.
    3. She does have a decent singing voice, when Jade said that what does Helen know about music, She shows her very glorious singing voice, stating to Jade that she doesn't know anything about her and her business.
    4. She did (Albeit reluctantly) let Drake quit when he decided to let Josh have his job at the movie theatre back and she did still allow him to visit the movie theatre.
    5. Like Megan, without her, Drake and Josh would not likely be as great and memorable as it is now.
    6. Yvette Nicole Brown does a great job playing her.
    7. She's more tolerable than Mrs. Hayfer.


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