Haruto Souma (Kamen Rider Wizard)

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Now, it's showtime!

Haruto Soma (操真 晴人 Sōma Haruto), alternatively spelled Haruto Souma, is a former professional soccer player who became a victim of The Sabbath and held onto his inner Phantom from Kamen Rider Wizard

Why He Sucks

  1. He has a very little personality aside from a little angst since childhood.
  2. He never seems to get any character development whatsoever.
  3. He doesn't seem to be able to forgive himself easily.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was a more likable and overall a much character in Heisei Generations than he was in Wizard.
  2. He still means well, even for Kamen Rider standards, and there are some fans who root for him.
  3. He is the reason for the famous Plain sugar donut meme.
Haruto Soma as Kamen Rider Wizard (Flame Style)


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