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    "Listen up, cannon fodder! We have a direct order from King Garon. He says kill 'em all!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Remorseless Killer
    Sadistic Brute
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Hisanori Koyatsu (Japanese)
    Travis Willingham (English)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Fire Emblem Fates

    Hans is a non-playable character and acts as the tertiary antagonist in the Birthright and Conquest routes of Fire Emblem Fates and a minor antagonist in the route of Revelation. He is a subordinate of King Garon who seeks nothing but bloodshed on the battlefield.

    Why He's a Cold Blooded Murderer

    1. Like Iago, Hans is a bland and shallow villain with no likeable stuff about him and is easily the most loathsome character in the game, especially in Conquest. While not as cowardly as Iago, he makes up for it by being a mass-murderer.
    2. Hans is defined by two core personality traits: his ambition and his violence. Hans wishes to become a rich and powerful noble of Nohr and will do anything to achieve this aim.
    3. He is a former murderer who was given a commission in the Nohrian army. Xander doesn't trust him because of this and with good reason, he had him locked up before Garon sets him free.
    4. He's very different from Iago; while Iago is the tactician, Hans serves as a commander of an army and always likes to get his hands dirty.
    5. He follows Garon's orders without any hesitation, be it killing innocents or trying to off Corrin, he'll gladly do anything so long as it gets him ahead.
    6. He accompanies Corrin on a mission to the Bottomless Canyon, sent to scout out a fort on the border between Hoshido and Nohr; however, his true objective is to attack Hoshidan forces at the border and get Corrin captured so they can be unwittingly used to assassinate Mikoto.
      • He also tried to run up to a heavily defended fort and gets himself beaten up. This is later justified, as it's revealed Hans did this and threw the battle to get Corrin killed for Garon.
      • He attacked both Corrin and Gunter on the bridge, which causes the latter to fall off to his near death.
    7. In Bightright, he orders his own men in training to kill each other just to see a bloodbath and to attack Corrin and the Hoshidians without any care for their safety and threatens to have Garon kill the families of those who hesitate.
      • He also killed Lilith, blocking an attack meant for Corrin.
    8. In Conquest, Hans, along with his goons, starts killing not only the remaining wounded Hoshidan troops and Chevian knights, but also the Chevian civilians following Corrin taking down the rebellion, and also killed Scarlet off-screen.
    9. He and Iago kill all of the Hoshidan prisoners of war who surrendered, traumatizing Sakura. He also kills several Hoshidan civilians as they go into the capital city.
    10. He, alongside with Iago, attempts to kill Corrin in front of the entire Nohrian siblings after finding out that Corrin spared Hinoka, but the siblings turn against them. While Iago is shocked, Hans is unfazed and remorselessly threatens to kill them all, calling them "weak", showing he is loyal only to Garon, which leads to Hans getting his comeuppance for his shameless and disgraceful crimes.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Hans looks like a typical stupid thug, but is smart enough to organize Garon's Uriah Gambit to get rid of Corrin and safely escape after accomplishing his mission to instigate a conflict with Hoshido.
    2. Fighting Hans in all three routes is very satisfying after what he put you through in the game.
      • He even gets killed off early in Revelation than in the other two routes.
      • Using Gunter to kill Hans is a well deserved karma after he tried to kill him in the beginning.


    • His artwork from Heroes depicts him wielding the Aurgelmir.
    • Despite being a Berserker, Hans uses the critical animation of a Fighter's by leaping into the air and back down to strike his victims rather than beginning with a forward rush like what most Berserkers do.
    • His character model in Chapter 3 retains his Berserker battle model rather than a Fighter equivalent.
    • Hans shares his English voice actor, Travis Willingham, with Garon, Anankos (in his Dragon form), Awakening's Lon'qu and Brady, as well as Ogma and Camus in Heroes.


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