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    Hans, Klaus and Greta (Ferdinand)

    Hans, Klaus and Greta
    "Shoo! Shoo-shoo! Go on, stinky one. Have a nice day smelling terrible!"
    Gender: Males (Hans and Klaus)
    Female (Greta)
    Type: Racist Jerks
    Species: Horses
    Portrayed by: Flula Borg (Hans)
    Boris Kodjoe (Klaus)
    Sally Phillips (Greta)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ferdinand

    Hans, Klaus and Greta are minor antagonists in Blue Sky's 2017 animated film Ferdinand.

    Hans was voiced by Flula Borg, Klaus was voiced by Boris Kodjoe and Greta was voiced by Sally Phillips.

    Why They Deserve To Be Sent To The Chop House

    1. They are complete racists, as they always consider themselves far more superior to other animals, especially the bulls, who they always refer to as "stinky" and "ugly beasts".
    2. They happily threaten to alert the humans if Ferdinand tries to escape. Because of this, the other bulls, Lupe and the hedgehogs had to hold them off when Ferdinand went out and up to the Chop House to rescue Valiente.
    3. They never get any punishment for their bad behavior, making them Karma Houdinis.
    4. Overall, they have next to absolutely no positive attributes at all.
    5. They even dabbed and twerked in a kids' movie.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Flula Borg, Boris Kodjoe, and Sally Phillips do great jobs voicing them.
    2. They did get a minor comeuppance by getting electricuted by the electric fence, which caused them to lose in the dance battle.


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