Hal L. (Happy Gilmore)

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Hal L. (Happy Gilmore)
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Now you go to sleep, or I will put you to sleep.
Gender: Male
Type: Mean Spirited Man
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ben Stiller
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Happy Gilmore

Hal L., or simply Hal, is a minor antagonist from the 1996 American film Happy Gilmore and a cameo character in the 2020 Netflix film Hubie Halloween. He is the orderly guy in the nursing home.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is very disrespectful to the elders, telling them death threats and being rude.
  2. He forces the elders to do activities they don’t want to do.
  3. His behavior can be compared to Angelica Pickles. Both are mean to people older/younger than them but act innocent when someone comes.
  4. No character development whatsoever.
  5. Many characters in Happy Gilmore have had a few loathsome moments, but none surpass Hal!
  6. Hal doesn’t want Happy’s grandma to tell Happy about him, even though he does deserve to get a comeuppance.
  7. He doesn’t care about the elders. When an old lady told him her fingers hurt from quilting, he told her a death threat.
  8. He gets NO comeuppance for his actions. However, it is worth noting there was a deleted scene where Happy found out what Hal did to his grandma and threw him out of the second story of the nursing home.
  9. He curses a lot in front of the people in the nursing home.
  10. He is rude, selfish, manipulative, mean-spirited, savage, antagonistic, and lacks empathy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As said in WHS #8, he got comeuppance in a deleted scene.
  2. His portrayal by Ben Stiller was pretty funny and enjoyable to watch.
  3. His cameo in Hubie Halloween was an unexpected and funny surprise, where he was overall a much better character than he was in Happy Gilmore.


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