Hairpick (Object Redemption)

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Hair Pick Pose.png
And you thought Broken Glass was bad? Think again!
Gender: Male
Type: Annoying Stalker
Species: Hairpick
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Object Redemption

Hairpick is a male contestant from Object Redemption. He debuted in episode 7 of Object Redemption.

Why He's No Ladies Man

  1. Unlike Johnny Bravo, he is an annoying "ladies man" character and constantly stalks Ribbon every single time he encounters her.
  2. He thinks he is the most athletic team member on The Diamond Minecarts, making him egotistical.
  3. He hardly gets any karma after all the actions he has done. That nets him being a Karma Houdini.
  4. His voice is nasally and hilariously awful to hear.
  5. He was the reason why the infamous Ribbon X Hairpick ship exists and refuses to leave Ribbon alone.
  6. Like mentioned in WHNLM #5, he wouldn't stop flirting around with Ribbon and keeps on making the situation worse.
  7. He is a complete idiot and has no good reason to join the game.
  8. He has some moments where he can be too childish.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He can at least be competent and does have a clear personality unlike Phone and Sharpener from Object Mayhem.
  2. He sometimes gets punished for his actions.


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