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    Guy Gagné (Turbo)
    "Well okay, maybe it's a good twist villain. No! It's honestly the worst twist villain I've ever seen in a feature film, forget Mr. That-Was-His-Mistake or Assistant Mayor Sheep Dweep, this movie's twist villain is on the same level as the Paul Blart: Mall Cop twist villain." - Schaffrillas Productions.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Poorly done Twist villain Idol
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bill Hader (2013 film)
    Eric Bauza (Turbo F.A.S.T.)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Turbo

    Guy Gagné (pronounced “GEE gahn-YAY”) the Snailman is the former Indianapolis 500 champion, and the false idol of Theo. He is a major antagonist in the Turbo franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Turbo, and a minor antagonist in Turbo: F.A.S.T.

    He is voiced by Bill Hader.

    Why He's (Intentionally) a Big Bad Boy

    1. To get the snail in the race, he's a very cliched one-dimensional sports movie villain with no personality nor character development other than being a mean popular rich jock, plus, much like other bad DreamWorks villains, especially Makunga, he barely has that much screen time as the main antagonist, unlike most of the other Dreamworks villains that he even makes the crows feel more like the villains in the film instead. Sound familiar?
    2. Just like most of the Twist villains, his role as the villain just so happens to be shoehorned later on into the film on the night before the race without any build-up nor red flags aside from being Turbo's Idol way before Turbo meets him for the first time in his garage at the Indy 500, therefore, if this twist was taken out completely, then Guy still would've face Turbo in the race without being evil about it, thus would've show that not every DreamWorks movie has an actual main villain, making him as the twist villain entirely pointless, which explains on why he's infamous amongst many DreamWorks fans and internet movie reviewers.
      • It would've made more sense if some of the other racers were the main antagonists instead of Guy since even if they barely have a lot of screentime than the latter, they would've been jealous and view Turbo as a pathetic snail who has super speed, and maybe one of them caused the crash, and it's up to Guy to save Turbo from the racers and help him win the race, but instead, the writers decided to make Guy, who didn’t do anything wrong in most of the film, the villain just to rival Turbo at the race while the other racers barely got much screentime, making it a missed opportunity for some of the other racers to be the main villains of the film.
      • Speaking of which, the writers did a very awful job representing the characters' roles in the movie. Guy is depicted as the villain even though all he wanted to do was to face Turbo in the race to prove the latter's worthiness of being one of Indy 500's top racers while Whiplash and his crew, despite being allies to the main hero, were the ones responsible for terrorizing humans a few times to get what they want which cost the lives of people involved (including a bus full of people just to go to Starlight Plaza which could've got everyone on the bus injured or even killed in real life). They keep trying to force viewers to like these group of heroes and despise the villain without giving the usual proper characterization to them as a reason to do this.
      • At least Chelsea Van Der Zee from Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken, even though being spoiled in the trailers which is one of the main reasons why the movie bombed horribly, at least is greatly built up as the twist villain the right way by disguising herself as a high school student and manipulates Ruby to be friends with her and get the trident, so that she can get revenge on Ruby's mother and grandmother, unlike Guy whose twist as the villain is being done very poorly with hardly any setup whatsoever.
    3. Guy's reveal as an egotistical villain who wanted to win the race was pretty obvious considering that Guy barely got any screen time before the twist for most of the film, and some of the racer's jealously would have given the twist away.
    4. His motive is flat-out stupid and illogical, and it makes no sense for him to be evil. He became evil because one of his biggest fans, Turbo, a snail who would've gotten killed by a large number of cars, is allowed to join in the race because of his super speed from a freak accident and wants to face him in the race, even though he is a 5-time Indy 500 champion before Turbo joining, just like Dr. Erwin Armstrong's nonsensical motivation about getting rid of adults so that babies can take over the world.
    5. He was completely derailed after the reveal scene, going from a kind-hearted champion loved by everyone to a egotistical jerk who embarrasses himself in front of the audience and the viewing world as he begins to treat his fans and the other racers like dirt.
    6. Speaking of the other racers, he is at his absolute worst during the final lap as he sabotages all the racers (including Turbo) by making a massive car crash caused by using his reckless driving to cheat into the race, thankfully none of them have been seriously hurt (even Turbo who managed to win despite having his shell cracked open). yet he doesn't care about the consequences of many racers' life-threatening experiences and continues to defeat Turbo in the race, making him sadistic.
    7. Despite being the "antagonist", he only seems to exist just to make the plot of the film “work” and just so the film could have a main antagonist. However, he fails at this because he is the typical twist movie villain with a very little set which could've given to some of the racers who have way more potential as villains than him.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He used to be tolerable as seen in the VHS tapes that Turbo is watching and when he meets him in person at the Indy 500, that is until his pointless reveal as the twist villain.
    2. His design is somewhat amazingly attractive and somewhat good as usual for DreamWorks.
    3. Bill Hader and Eric Bauza did great jobs voicing Guy.
    4. He can be decently funny at times, especially in the Turbo F.A.S.T episode, the Snailman.
    5. He deserved his karma when he got beaten up by Kim-Ly and later banned from racing for his reckless actions causing the lives of racers and being defeated by most of the villains in his only appearance in Turbo F.A.S.T, the Snailman, which is hilarious.



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