Gus and Wally

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Gus and Wally
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Gender: Male
Type: Braindead and Immature Astronaut Monkeys
Species: Monkey
Media of Origin: Rocket Monkeys

Gus and Wally are the main protagonists who are astronaut monkeys from the infamous Teletoon TV series Rocket Monkeys.

Why They Suck

  1. Both of them get flanderized very quickly. For example, Gus is as dumb or dumber than Wally, but then he acts like the brains of the two.
  2. They enjoy being gassy and usually fart at Yay-OK's face.
  3. They provide a lot of toilet humor.
  4. Unlike Yay-OK, Gus and Wally are pointless protagonists and they have no character development whatsoever.
  5. Speaking of which, Wally (the yellow monkey with a red astronaut suit) is the worst character from the show due to being a complete moron and didn't care about going back on Earth.
  6. They even twerked a couple of times.
  7. Both of them make disgusting faces which might offend some audiences, like Wally making this face for example.
  8. They are both immature and braindead.
  9. Their voices are very annoying generally.
  10. They also feel more of a ripoff of the Angry Beavers.
  11. Both of them annoy Lord Peel every time they encounter him.
    • In fact, they are responsible for Lord Peel's misery and "villainy".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Their designs are passable.
  2. They can be funny at times.


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