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    Gus Turner
    "Yo, that's the G-Man to you!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tommy's Annoying Friend
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rupert Degas
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: RobotBoy

    Augustus "Gus" Turner is a character from the British Cartoon Network animated series RobotBoy. He is a chubby, self-centered, red-headed boy who is Tommy's "best friend". He also comes from an Amish family, but despite being so, is obsessed with technology and food to the point of being anti-heroic and have a villainous side to his deliquency. He was voiced by Rupert Degas.

    Why He Ain't No G-Man

    1. He's just another “annoying, irresponsible idiot”, and a “insensitive best friend” of protagonist, Tommy Turnbull, who Gus only wants to get his way by taking advantage of his "friends".
    2. He is in fact the self-proclaimed leader of his friends' group who only cares about himself and couldn't care less of the consequences for his actions.
    3. He is just another pointless “fat comic relief” stereotype who is obsessed with binge-eating food or telling the most boring, unfunny and predictable jokes possible.
    4. His arrogant attitude often ticks off people, even with his friends. For example, he made RobotGirl cry in one episode, another sign of him being divisive.
    5. Despite being a "hero", he often tends to be rude or show a stand-offish demeanor to everyone around him, and often acts destructively and selfishly, causing many different conflicts very so often.
    6. In the episode "Sweet Revenge", he made Robotboy go on a rampage across the city looking for candy, and encouraging him to attack people, and leading to him even trying to murder the police. Gus didn't show any remorse for any of this and was more focused on the candy when Kamikazi makes a commercial to promote his "Kazi-Crunch Bar" candy to lure Gus to him so he could get Robotboy.
    7. He's a deceitful glutton as seen in the episode "Soothsayer", where he falsely promised a little boy 4 ice creams, only for him to steal his lollipop and gleefully make him cry with a sadistic grin on his face. He also ends up getting Robotboy captured by Kamikazi when he challenges him, showing how much of a self-centered opportunist he is.
    8. His voice, thanks to Rupert Degas, is VERY annoying to listen to and sounds like Eric Cartman on drugs.
    9. Some of his decisions caused more problems and even endanger people, it's not helping that his behavior sometimes gets him and/or his friends in trouble. For example, in "RoboGus and G-Machine", he abuses RobotBoy's powers when he is in his body, and he ends up hurting others and even burning off a bully's pants on the butt.
    10. He even kidnapped Robotboy for petty reasons, such as giving him to Dr. Kamikazi for candy or to watch TV, showing how selfish, unscrupulous and manipulative he is.
    11. As seen in the episode "The Revenge of Protoboy", he is so sadistic, he left an old man to die when the cruise ship starts sinking, and had no remorse for it.
    12. His most despicable and heinous actions amounted to accidentally releasing Clammadon and causing him to try to destroy Tokyo in the episode "Clammadon Rising", and he almost enticed Robotboy to destroy the Bay Area due to brainwashing him into a savagely brute in the episode "Remote Out of Control", which makes him a apathetic juvenile deliquent who doesn't have any shed of remorse for the crimes he committed.
    13. Despite the fact he saved everyone from Clammadon in the episode "Clammadon Rising", he only did it for the sake of his trophy and only did it for self-preservation, which he did while tricking everyone into thinking he was a hero who saved people for selfless reasons, making him quite underhanded and opportunistic as well.
      • In "Remote Out of Control", he only helped undoing his act of brainwashing Robotboy into a city-destroying monster, was because Tommy forced him to, and Gus doesn't learn from his mistakes at all.'
    14. Due to the fact that all of his worst crimes are almost never taken seriously, it just makes him more of a villainous comic relief instead of being an anti-hero.
    15. He provides a lot of gross-out and toilet humor, such as repeatedly vomiting and farting just as a cheap attempt to be “funny”. The episode "Journey to the Center of Gus" really shows this off a lot, and in the episode "I Hero!", he farted into a police radio and almost makes a police car crash as a result.
    16. He is very greedy, mostly for food, self-gain and attention. This is best shown in the episode "Gus' Mix", where he stole a strength-giving formula that Moshimo originally gave to Tommy and for him to give it to Robotboy, and Gus stole it since the idea of it "making humans large and strong", and he thought he could make money off it by selling it as a drink.
    17. The writers tend to have him steal screentime from other characters, and her only female "friend" Lola gets the worst of this, becoming the creator's pet.
    18. To make matters worse, he's also a pervert towards Lola. Which shows when he kept convincing her to smooch with him when they are aged up in the episode "Zap! You're Old", and he even slapped her behind in the episode "Roughing It", the latter showcasing his most lewd moment.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Deep down, he's still Tommy's best friend and cares about him sometimes.
    2. At least compared to Tommy's bully brother (Donnie Turnbull), he at least doesn't intend to be malicious or cruel and is rather just obnoxious.
    3. He's not without his decent or likable moments.
    4. His design is pretty decent for the most part.
    5. He also has Butt-Monkey status, so he actually gets what he deserves in most cases.


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