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    Gus the Gummy Gator
    No gummies for you, little gator.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Friendly yet Stupid Gator
    Age: 9
    Species: Alligator
    Portrayed by: Unknown (2017-2019)

    Gibson Collins (2019) Julia Stockton (2019-present) Jose David Ramos (2023)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ryan's World
    First appearance: How To Make Gummy Jello Rainbow Egg

    Gus the Gummy Gator is a major character from Ryan's World. He is an alligator protagonist and is one of Ryan's best friends. His favorite food is gummy candy, and his best friends are Moe the Monster, Peck the Penguin, and especially Josh. He goes on a lot of adventures with his friends as well.

    Along with Combo Panda, Gus is one of the most well-known characters in the franchise, having his own YouTube channel and one of the most favorited characters by fans.

    He was voiced by an unknown voice actor in 2017-2019, Gibson Collins in 2019, Julia Stockton in 2019-2022, and is currently voiced by Jose David Ramos.


    Gus hatched from an egg in a swamp full of reptiles. His parents were so proud of their first child! When Gus grew up a little, he met a new friend next to the lake. They gave Gus some gummies, and the little gator loved them!

    The two friends played every day. Some time later, Gus' dad got a job selling cars, forcing the gator family to move to a city. Gus missed his friend so much and couldn't cope with living in an urban area. He also didn't like his school, had no friends, and struggled to learn.

    However, he saw the Ryan's World channel on YouTube and wanted to mail himself there, so he did, and after playing with Ryan for a long time, his parents decided to live near Ryan too!


    Gus can be a naive, oblivious, and dim-witted alligator who is impatient and goes crazy when he sees his favorite food. However, in some episodes, it is suggested that Gus is secretly intelligent, in fact one of the franchise's smartest characters. Gus could be faking his ditzy personality, or he is simply acting sarcastic without admitting it.

    He is goofy and off-the-wall and can be clumsy and cowardly sometimes. His energetic and friendly personality allows him to easily bond with his friends and other people. He may not be the brightest of the group, but he is capable of helping out or coming up with some zany ideas.

    Why He Deserves No Gummies

    1. He is mostly generic and has no personality whatsoever. He is seen as a ditzy, oblivious and naive character.
    2. He treats other characters like butt-monkeys, like when he turned Combo Panda into a rabbit because the latter's magic show went wrong by mistake.
    3. He is also an Idiot Houdini as he doesn't know simple math problems without the help of his friends, which is ironic because he knows things more complicated than a kindergarten math equation, making him the Patrick Star of the Ryan's World franchise.
      • He isn't hygienic as seen in this episode.
      • He also thinks that swallowing gum will turn you into a gummy-bear.
      • His is at his absolute worst in this video. Basically, he can't get one part through his routine without making mistakes, such as forgetting his school supplies and ignoring his parents.
      • He isn't trustworthy due to his dim-witted personality.
    4. The fact that this glutton eats candy all the time can encourage unhealthy habits in young children, thus the name "Gus the Gummy Gator".
    5. He is also sometimes a spoiled brat, because once, he lost his train ticket to a theme park, and whines to a train conductor to take him there for free.
    6. He gets very immature most of the time.
    7. His design is very confusing as he looks more like a frog or lizard than an actual alligator.
    8. He is also a Karma Houdini as he is able to get away with almost everything, like being able to leave his house without permission.
    9. His voice sounds shockingly horrible, and it doesn't help that he has an unintentionally racist-sounding American Indian accent. With that said, Julia Stockton does a mediocre job at voicing him.
    10. He along with Combo Panda bullied Moe, another Ryan's World character, for being scared of a playground slide, making him a bully.
    11. His appearance in Ryan's Mystery Playdate was pointless; he and Combo Panda served little-to-no purpose in the show other than to make cringeworthy, unfunny, unoriginal, and lazy jokes, thus making him a filler character in the show.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He is still very nice to people around him and even apologizes for his mistakes.
    2. He can act very calm in a dangerous situation.
    3. He can be likable in some episodes.
    4. Like Alpha Lexa, he is far more tolerable than Combo Panda.
    5. His other voice actors do better jobs at voicing Gus compared to Julia Stockton.


    • At the end of "Super Spy Ryan", Gus has nine visible candles on his birthday cake; therefore, he may be 9 years old.[1]
    • His birthday is on November 27.
    • Both he and Alpha Lexa are voiced by Julia Stockton.
    • He works part-time for the tooth fairy.
    • He is a guitarist for the band Combo-Bunga!.
    • If Red Titan is considered Ryan's fictional alter-ego rather than an actual character, Gus is the first original character in Ryan's World, having debuted in February 2017.
    • His favorite color is green.
    • Hence his name, his favorite food is gummies.



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