Gui (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)

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Assim você me mata!
Gender: Male
Type: Flanderized protagonist
Annoying dog
Age: Possibly 10-13 years old
Species: West Highland White Terrier
Portrayed by: Mariana Caltabiano
Media of Origin: As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa

Gui is the main protagonist of the Brazilian film and cartoon series As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa of 2008.

The character was originally created in 2000 as a mascot for the children's website Iguinho (a website belonging to iG, a Brazilian Internet service provider), and Gui originally had the same name of the site. In the early years, as Iguinho, he was a cute Westie puppy. He was often used in animations and online games made in flash made by the artist Mariana Caltabiano, who was also the creator of the character. Over the years, Gui and the animations on the site have evolved and changed, becoming increasingly similar to American cartoons very similar to those that Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon used to have during the 90s and 2000s, until in 2008, when Caltabiano decided to take her characters to television starting with a film that was a compilation of several episodes that later went to Cartoon Network (a channel from which she used to have a strong partnership with iG during the 2000s).

Why He Sucks

Note: This only applies to his character in As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, since his original version, "Iguinho" between 2000-2007 is more likeable.

  1. As mentioned above, Gui has evolved and changed (changing too much), from being a cute puppy to being a generic protagonist of some nonsense comedy cartoon that you would easily see in some American cartoon made in the 90s.
    • He still continued to change even more in his look even after the series was selected for TV. His current design looks like a rip-off of characters like Mickey Mouse or SpongeBob. Just compare his classic design of the website:, and the current design.
  2. He not only had his appearance changed too much, but his personality has flandered over the years. Originally, Gui (as Iguinho) used to be a more nice and tolerable character. However, he has become increasingly stupid, in an awful attempt to be a generic dumb cartoon protagonist very similar to characters like SpongeBob.
  3. He tends to be the most annoying and unfunny character in the cartoon. His friends are funnier than him.
  4. Originally, in the original animations of the website, he was supposed to have a crush on Cróquete, but in the first three seasons, Gui almost doesn't show any feelings for her most of the time, seeing her just as a friend, which shows a decline in his personality.
  5. His original name, Iguinho sounds much better than Gui.
  6. His voice (in the original version) is just awful and annoying, curiously being voiced by the creator of the cartoon.
  7. He is shown to be mentally unstable at times.
  8. In the later seasons, Gui is usually animated in a extremely expressive way (although the animation of the cartoon remains stiff) in a way that he comes across as scary at times:
  9. In some episodes, he demonstrates wanting to be ashamed and acting like a idiot on purpose, such as:
    • In the episode ''O Gordo e o Magro, Gui eats a huge portion of unhealthy food at a fast food restaurant, ignoring Cróquete's advice to eat better, and as a result, he becomes morbidly obese. After he loses weight with exercises, he returns to the restaurant and pays for two hamburgers just to use them as dumbbells and still tries to get attention by doing exercises in the restaurant, which makes the restaurant owner, Cróquete and Estopa extremely ashamed.
    • In Gui a Cabo, he ignores his mother's warning and decides to spend the entire night watching TV. As a result of this, he goes insane the next day at school starting to want to imitate everything he watched on TV.
    • In O Aparelho, he decides to put a brace on the teeth that he thought his mother had brought for her to use, though he does it (with satisfaction) without asking her and also without realizing that his teeth are not crooked. Gui even goes to the point of showing his braces to Piti and Cróquete in school and still forces Piti to be embarrassed with him after losing the braces. At the end of the episode, when he realizes that the braces was not his, he says he will not make another mistake like this, but he takes his grandfather's glasses and takes them to school.
    • In Bisa he promises to keep it a secret after discovering that his great-grandmother is a secret spy agent, but in the next day he breaks the promise by revealing his great-grandmother's identity to his friends and still using her gadgets (like the lightsaber) to play with his friends.
  10. He's extremely immature to the point that in the episode Nerdson he asks his mother to sleep with him in bed (after watching a horror movie) and also demands her to serve a baby bottle with milk to him. Gui is a grown child, probably a preteen.
  11. He also acts as a big jerk to Piti at times, as seen with the episodes O Aparelho and Clubinho, although in these episodes, Piti is shown as a good friend for Gui.
  12. He's both a liar and a cheater as shown in the episode Cubo Mágico!, where he lies to Cróquete claiming to be able to solve a rubik's cube in seconds, but in reality cheats by removing the colors from the cube to solve.
  13. He is greedy as shown in some episodes like Curling and Cuecas Conforto.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design in the first two seasons is decent and similar to his classic design, since he sometimes wears his classic red cap.
  2. His original version, Iguinho, is more enjoyable and lovely.
  3. Starting in season 4, he returned to have his crush for Cróquete like in the classic episodes.


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