Guapo Flub (The Brothers Flub)

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Guapo Flub
"Younger brother who has to take all the blame"
Gender: Male
Type: Fraz's Rude Younger Brother who is a Karma Houdini
Age: Probably 17-21
Species: Alien Rodent
Portrayed by: Jerry Sroka
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'The Brothers Flub'

Guapo Flub is the secondary protagonist of The Brothers Flub. He is Fraz Flub's younger twin brother, and is voiced by Jerry Sroka.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is very inconsistent, sometimes he backstabs his brother Fraz and sometimes he is loyal to him.
  2. It's implied he is a "Puppet of Doom", Fraz's worst enemy, but this is never explored upon.
  3. He is basically a bully to others, especially Fraz.
  4. For some reason, everyone in the show loves him no matter what he does.
  5. He is at his worst in "Heads Up", where he takes advantage of Fraz about to be sacrificed just to get what he wants.
  6. In "Pay Dirt" he steals Fraz's money after Fraz didn't eat or sleep.
  7. Despite his faults, he almost always wins in the end. The only times he suffers, Fraz has to suffer as well.
  8. The only episode where he suffers more than Fraz is in "Bunches of Trouble", which is the only episode where he is much more likable than Fraz.
  9. His laugh can get grating extremely fast.
  10. His purpose is to just be an annoyance to others as lamp shaded in "Guapos Galore".
  11. Despite being part of the title of his show, he is significantly less important to the story than Fraz. We hardly ever see things in his perspective. The only episodes that show him without Fraz are "Double Feature" and "Bad Judgement Day".
  12. However, like Fraz, sometimes Guapo is shoehorned into the plots of some episodes that have little to do with him. Such as "A Courier's Carol" and "Talent Show Offs".
  13. When he has to help Fraz, his poor mentally ill brother usually has to beg for his help or offer something in return.
  14. For a secondary protagonist he would make a better antagonist.
  15. He constantly wrecks or loses Fraz's master plan, which means a lot to him and is usually the key to get them both out of trouble.
  16. In "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza" Guapo wants to eat a disgusting three year old pizza that has sentient toppings. Making him stupid, careless, and cruel.
  17. Whenever he finds a new calling like in "Village Idiots", he tries to force Fraz to stay with him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When he's a kid in "Family Outing" he's more caring towards Fraz, worrying about him when he gets arrested.
  2. On quite a few occasions, he is shown to love and care for his brother and friends and these few moments feel genuine and sweet.
  3. His design is decent and cute.
  4. Jerry Sroka does a decent job voicing him.
  5. Sometimes he gets karma, like being hypnotized by a bee when he steals her crown in "Queen Bees" or being grounded from TV when he shirks his duties to go to a show instead of stopping a war in "Fatal Distraction". (Granted Fraz is punished in the latter, but he was just as bad as Guapo in that episode).
  6. He has his moments of being smart and heroic like in "Bad Judgement Day".
  7. He is not afraid of standing up to others when he feels something is unfair. In "Big Business" and "Double Feature" he defends Fraz when others insult him and in "Bunches of Trouble", he puts an end to Fraz's grape cult.
  8. In "A Courier's Carol" he takes the day off from tormenting Fraz and instead bonds with his brother and gets him great presents.
  9. "For the Birds" shows his caring side as well, him befriending and acting fatherly to a giant baby bird named Hector.
  10. "Thanks for the Memories", "Sloppy Sentiments", "Family Outing", and "Talent Show Offs" are the last episodes and either show Guapo's softer side and/or show his teasing of Fraz being less cruel and more playful.
  11. You could feel sorry for him too since Miss Boomdeyay treats him just as poorly as she treats Fraz.


  • Guapo is constantly called "Little Brother" by Fraz, but was actually born from the same egg and came out only 4 seconds after Fraz.
  • Some like to headcanon he's adopted (with the flashback being a lie) and Guapo's real father is Mr. Doom.
  • Guapo may be a loose inspiration for Buhdeuce from Breadwinners. Both are lazy and love food and act insensitive towards their best friends at times. However, Buhdeuce has a bad temper while Guapo is chill most of the time. Buhdeuce also doesn't torment SwaySway nearly as much as Guapo torments Fraz.
  • He is the most hated character in 'The Brothers Flub' other than Miss Boomdeeyay. Not even fans like him.
  • Ironically his voice actor Jerry Sroka is much older than Scott Menville, Fraz's actor.


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