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Grubber grub grub.png
You've seen a Hungry Hungry Hippo, but what about a Hungry Hungry Hedgehog?
Gender: Male
Type: Unfunny Hedgehog
Age: 13?
Species: Hedgehog
Status: Alive?
Media of origin: My Little Pony: The Movie

Grubber is a male pug-faced hedgehog who appears as a minor antagonist and comic relief in My Little Pony The Movie. He is Tempest Shadow's sidekick and a former servant of the Storm King.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is the perfect example of a badly written comic relief. He is ultimately pointless as a character and only exists to spout out random one-liners to "ease" the mood of the film.
    1. He even ruins the mood at times. When the movie is having a silent moment, he might break it by commenting on something the viewers already know.
  2. Despite being labeled as a minor antagonist, he serves no challenge to the main cast at all.
  3. He is even useless as Tempest Shadow's sidekick. He refused to go after the Mane Six despite Tempest's orders to do so, and failed to alert the Storm Guards when he discovered Captain Celaeon's pirate crew inside the cake.
  4. Due to being based on his food-loving actor, Grubber's screen time mostly consists of him eating food, (supposedly the origin of his name) which counts as borderline filler.
  5. His design choice is less to be desired; he greatly resembles a fat version of Stitch with a mohawk.
  6. Even his description in the My Little Pony mobile game deems him as an incompetent minion with an undeserved promotion by The Storm King.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A villain's sidekick made to be the goofy opposite of the villain is a decent idea, as seen with characters like LeFou from Beauty and the Beast, but poorly executed with Grubber.
  2. His voice actor, Michael Peña, greatly fulfills the role of a somewhat obnoxious henchman like Grubber.
  3. He does have one line that is genuinely funny, "Sorry, bad spell service."
  4. The tie-in book, "The Great Princess Caper", in which he serves as the focus character, does better justice for him, as it puts him in a more sympathetic light and gives him a happy ending.


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