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Granny Jojo also known as "Joanna Watterson" is a Character from Cartoon Network animated television show "The Amazing World of Gumball".

"WHAT!!! Why have I been added on this wiki?"

Bad Qualities

  1. In Season 1, her design looks gross and weird. In Season 2, her design looks inappropriate. Her redesign for season 2 was all to make sure she looked old.
  2. She was extremely unlikable in the episodes "The Authority" and "The Kiss".
  3. Her parenting skills is terrible and really stupid. She frequently relies on sheltering others thanks to her parenting skills.
  4. She gave Gumball a dreadful nightmare in "The Kiss".
  5. She kissed Gumball on the lips not once, but twice in the same episode, which ultimately traumatizing Gumball.
  6. She gets jealous and possessive rather quickly as shown in the episode "The Catfish" since she wouldn't allow Louie to have friends and believed he was cheating (thanks to Gumball and Darwin's meddling)

Good Qualities

  1. Her relationship with her current husband, Louie Watterson, is cute.
  2. She has a good reason for hating her ex-husband, Frankie Watterson, since he ran out on her and Richard.
  3. Since meeting and marrying Louie, she became a much better person.
  4. She can be funny sometimes.


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