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    Gracie (A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure)

    "Good morning, Sparky, you're so funny!"
    -Sparky's interaction with Gracie for the first time
    Gender: Female
    Type: Slightly likable, but useless child
    Age: Possibly about 5
    Species: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (first film)
    Generic (second film-fourth film)
    Portrayed by: Corinne Orr
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: (A) Car's Life

    Gracie is one of the main characters in the Car's Life series. She is a yellow car who is the sister of Sparky. Like him, she tricked her ride too. She is loosely based on a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, which is shared with Officer Clutch (only in the first film). She also has a scoop on her hood. She was also the second character other than Sparky to be voiced by Corinne Orr.

    Why She's Out of Energy

    1. Although a slightly likable bit, she is an obvious rip-off of Luigi from Cars, except a female, not Italian, and younger.
      • However, while this would be a good coincidence, both are painted yellow, and even have whitewall tires.
    2. Her lip-syncing for when she speaks can look really off-putting at times.
    3. Plain lazy repeated sequences and reused animations. She laughs in the same tone multiple times, as it feels like the same clip was used.
    4. Lackluster modeling (also shared with another character using the same design): How could she and plus, even Officer Clutch (or just a formerly unnamed cop car) have turn signals on the grill if their bumper (mouth) would chew them?
    5. She is completely useless and contributes nothing to the film's plot.
    6. Gender confusion much similar to Diesel. Due to the name and appearance, you would think that it would be a male, but it's actually just a female, However, you wouldn't be able to know that unless you heard her voice, but even it sounds too boyish as well. Even in the second film and next two sequels, this still happens.
    7. If she is supposed to be a sister, then how come she's the same size (or a little smaller) than the other cars? This doesn't make any sense.
    8. PLOT HOLE: Sadly, if she did get rid of her modifications, then why did Sparky keep them on later?
      • On that topic, at the ending, Sparky said he'll take off his modifications, but in the sequels, he is shown to still have them stay on.
      • Also, she thinks it looks "so" cool, but it does NOT.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Actually, if you haven't thought all of the voice acting was bad, it is actually pretty cute to listen to.
    2. She redeems herself a LOT much more tolerably in A Car's Life 2.
    3. She at least was somewhat a slightly likable little bit during that film.


    • So far, she was the only character to trick her ride in A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure without being shown physically.
    • When the camera cuts to very first show Sparky's customization and tune-up, a dove gray car with the same model as Gracie can be seen driving behind Sparky.
    • Her modifications don't appear in Car's Life 2 and the next two more sequels (with the only exception of the rear spoiler).
      • Possibly because she didn't like it after the events of the first film.
    • In Car's Life 4: Junkyard Blues, it is revealed that she has a V8 engine under the hood.


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