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    Grace Miller (Scrubs)
    If Dr. Kelso had asked me to go somewhere that I thought was actually good for my career, I'd be gone so fast you'd be left here staring at an imaginary woman's chest while she was trying to make a point.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bellamy Young
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Scrubs

    Dr. Grace Miller was a supporting character in season 3 of Scrubs and was a surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital.

    Personality and Biography

    Dr. Miller is confident and intelligent and very similar in personality to Dr. Perry Cox. She once caused conflict between the Chief of Medicine, Dr. Bob Kelso and Perry, who was stricken by her when she told Dr. Christopher Turk off in front of a patient, and he tried to keep her out of the influence of Dr. Kelso. She didn't listen to him and went to a lunch conference with the Chief of Medicine. When she declined Bob's next invitation, Perry thought he won, but she told him off, saying that she only does what is good for her own career. Her constant refusal to listen to Perry caused him to develop a crush on her. Although he was verbally rude to her, he tried to be nice by inviting a band to the hospital for her patient. She asked him out for a beer, but he chose his ex-wife Jordan over her.

    Why She Sucks

    1. She's nasty to everyone else. But even Perry isn't so readily hostile to others and makes attempts at being a teacher and tries to be nice.
    2. She invites herself to Turk and Carla's wedding, then willingly keeps Turk away from his wedding after Carla uninvited her.
    3. She demands that Turk apologize for thinking that all women need a man to come to their defense, even though Turk hand come to the defense of people of both genders.
    4. She also unfairly calls Elliot out for being friends with Turk, calling her sexist by association and not a real feminist.
    5. She had been a failed attempt to create a female version of Perry. This didn't work because it was redundant, as Jordan more than adequately fulfills that role, is amusing with her condescension and insults and had visible redeeming traits, while Dr. Miller was an unfunny, insufferable and unlikable shrew that had all of Perry's bad qualities.
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