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    Gosei (Power Rangers Megaforce)

    "I only awaken when the Earth is faced with an extraordinary threat." Really!? Well, where have you been for the past 20 years, huh?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Useless Mentor
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce
    First appearance: Power Rangers Megaforce

    Gosei is a supporting character from Power Rangers Megaforce and its sequel, Super Megaforce. He is also the mentor of the Mega Rangers and the protege of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mentor, Zordon.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He is a soulless rip-off of Zordon and he sucks out the charm of him. If an anniversary season is to introduce a mentor similar to Zordon, the mentor should be better than this.
    2. He is a very useless mentor, rarely even calling the Rangers. Most of the time, he doesn't say a word unless it's something about new weapons and Zords, which Zordon doesn't do. (C’mon man, Even Mentor Ji of all mentors did so much more to help his groups of Power Rangers)
    3. He never explains anything to the Rangers such as : How did he get the Ranger Keys? What are these “new powers” and where did they come from? What “adversity” did Troy go through? Why does Gosei give out powerful weapons and Zords like Halloween candy? Who are the Armada and where did they come from? Why is Jake's Super Mega Mode and Key Green and not Black? Why are The Super Megaforce Modes themed after pirates? (And no “There’s a Simple Explanation For That” does not count)
    4. He endlessly gives the team new powers, Zords, upgrades, etc. like candy on Halloween without any proper buildup and barely doing anything to help them whatsoever (which is, by the way, technically violating his “mentor” Zordon’s 2nd rule of being a Power Ranger: Never escalate battles unless forced to by your enemies). What’s worse about this is that the Rangers never ask Gosei, Why they weren’t given these powers sooner, or why they are being given the new powers. Zordon at least had a valid reason to not give his group of Power Rangers access to new power ups and upgrades right away; He did not wanted the rangers to escalate their battles unless they are forced to do so by the villains! Gosei at the other hand just keeps giving the rangers new powers, Zords, upgrades like lottery tickets and makes excuses like, “awarding the rangers for working together”.
    5. Gosei is shown to be egotistical as he named nearly all of the Megaforce Rangers weapons, gear, Zords, Megazords and Power Cards after himself. He even based the Rangers Gosei Morphers on his own image!.
    6. His design is rather cheep as it’s just a big Megaforce morpher stuck in a wall, that’s it.
    7. His backstory is also filled with plot holes, the worst offender easily being in the 1st episode in which he stated that he “only awaken when the earth is faced with an extraordinary threat”. Really? The Earth's been endangered for 20 freaking years, yet you never awoke until now?! So are we just supposed to assume that 5 alien invasions (in the case with Master Vile from the first three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo, Astroneme from Power Rangers In Space, Trakeena from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Lothor from Power Rangers Ninja Storm), a race of demons merging with us (in the case with Queen Bansheera from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue), the space time continuum getting ripped apart by a mutant gang (in the case with Ransik from Power Rangers Time Force), pollution awakening an ancient group of monsters called Orgs trying to take over the world (in the case with Master Org from Power Rangers Wild Force), a mad scientist trying to bring the dinosaurs back from extinction to wipe out the human race (in the case with Mesogog from Power Rangers Dino Thunder), the return of an ancient warlord trying to take over the world (in the case with Octomus the Master from Power Rangers Mystic Force), an alien empire enslaving planets to eventually take over the universe(in the case with Omni and Emperor Gruumm from Power Rangers S.P.D.), a nighlok trying to flood the earth with demonic rivers just so that demons could live there too (in the case with Master Xandred from Power Rangers Samurai/Power Rangers Super Samurai) a another nighlok trying to split the earth in half just bring the return of a river (in the case with Serrator from Power Rangers Super Samurai), multiple villain organizations joining forces to steal the Crown and take over the universe (in the case with all of the antagonist of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive), or near universal genocide at the hands of a robotic A.I in the case with Venjix from Power Rangers RPM doesn't count as "extraordinary". A better excuse would have been, "I was told to awaken when The Insectoids arrives on Earth." that way he had a “valid” reason to finally awaken and give the implication that the Warstar Insectoids is a very dangerous powerful villain group that only the Megaforce Rangers can defeat. But 'NOPE!' It's just yet another regular old generic "aliens who want to take over the world " cliche threat where he never bothered to wake up until Megaforce happened.
    8. Other than saying that he's the “protege” of Zordon, we don't learn anything about him other than he created Robo Knight. That's it. We learn all kinds of things from other mentors but here? Much like Mentor Ji in Power Rangers Samurai, we aren't told a thing about Gosei's past like: When was Gosei created? When and how did he meet Zordon?

    Good Qualities

    1. His design, despite being lazily cheap for being just a big Megaforce morpher head stuck in the wall, while nowhere near original or inventive, can be pleasing to look at occasionally.
    2. His half-hearted pep talk in the finale is the last anyone will ever see or hear of Gosei ever again. Super Mega Good Riddance.


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