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    Gordon the Big Engine (HiT Model Era, season 13, and All Engines Go!)

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    Gordon the Big Engine
    "Oh, the Indignity!" (Gordon when he sees he's got an article on this wiki).
    Gender: Male
    Type: Arrogant and Immature Engine
    Species: Steam Locomotive
    Portrayed by: Keith Wickham (UK)
    Kerry Shale (US)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Thomas & Friends
    First appearance: "Thomas and Gordon"

    Gordon is a big blue express engine that works on the Main Line in Thomas & Friends!. He is Flying Scotsman's only surviving brother. Gordon is also one of the fastest and strongest engines on the Island of Sodor and his main task is to pull the Wild Nor' Wester, the railway's express train. At times, this leads him to feel superior. Unfortunately, he became badly flanderized in season 8 (the first HiT Model season).

    "Oh, the Indignity!" Qualities

    Series 8-13

    1. He was flanderized beyond recognition as went from being an arrogant but kind, wise, and good father figure to Thomas into an immature, arrogant and unlikable character and he has lost all of the original personality and charm he had in the prior seven seasons and hardly saw the light of redemption until season 14.
    2. While he is often a mean popular engine in seasons 1-7 and to a lesser extent, seasons 14-24, he never meant any harm or disrespect to his current and new colleagues and cared about them deep down. But in these seasons, he acts very rude to other engines and makes fun, and always decides what to think of new ones.
    3. Gordon has also become a killjoy in some episodes.
      • In season 11's "Emily's Rubbish", He along with Henry and James make fun of Emily for helping Whiff. Sure, Whiff does smell like garbage considering that he is an engine that works in the garbage industry, but that does not excuse their actions.
    4. He has shown himself to be a show-off. In the episode "Gordon Takes Charge", he takes advantage of Percy being bad at pulling coaches so then he could show off to other engines. Thankfully, like "Respect for Gordon", he got his comeuppance when he failed to notice the icy tracks and crashed into snowdrift.
    5. He demands everything to go his way, which not only comes off as disrespectful but very immature as well.
      • In season 9's "Respect for Gordon", he demands respect from everyone for no reason with a toot and always wants to be the best, but it makes him come off as unlikable, childish, and immature. Eventually, Gordon gets his big comeuppance when he gets distracted when he was cross at Emily for not tooting at him, passes a red signal, and crashes into tankers full of Jam.
    6. In season 10's infamous "Edward Strikes Out", Gordon calls the new crane, Rocky, a "new-fangled nonsense" thinking he is useless and would be that way until he crashed into pipes.
    7. For some reason, he has some sort of hatred for Diesels.
      • In the season 16 episode "Bust My Buffers", he thinks that Diesels cannot fix anything at all and thinks they're screw-ups. This comes off as disgraceful to his character considering that although Diesels and Steamies hate each other, some may be friends with others but similar to what Thomas said about Diesels, it makes him come off as racist and hypocritical.

    All Engines Go

    1. He went from an arrogant engine to a kind father figure.

    "Express Coming Through!" Qualities


    1. He was a lot better in seasons 1-7 and redeemed himself in season 14 and has been that way until the reboot.
    2. He is still one of the most iconic characters in the show to date.

    Series 8-13

    1. At least he was the only member of the steam team not to get all that heavily flanderized in the early Sharon Miller era along with James.
    2. Keith Wickham (UK) and Kerry Shale (US), do a great job voicing him.
    3. "Express Coming Through!" and "O' the Indignity!" are still unforgettable lines.
    4. He does occasionally get his comeuppance for his actions as stated above such as "Gordon Takes Charge" and "Respect for Gordon".
    5. He does still care about the other engines. (For example, when he and the other engines feel sorry for Thomas when his ideas for The Fat Controller's mother’s birthday have gone wrong in "Thomas and the Birthday Picnic" and when he gave up breaking a new record so he could help out a sick Henry in "It's Good to Be Gordon".)
    6. Despite being flanderized in the HiT model series, Gordon did have some good spotlight episodes such as "Squeak Rattle and Roll" & "Gordon and the Engineer".


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