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    Goosey Loosey
    "It is like War of the Worlds outside."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Foxy's Evil Friend
    Species: Goose
    Portrayed by: Mark Walton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Chicken Little

    Goosey Loosey was the (former) tertiary antagonist in Disney's 2005 animated feature film, Chicken Little. She was voiced by Mark Walton.

    Why She Intentionally Is A Bully To Chicken Little

    1. She and her best friend Foxy Loxy bully Chicken Little and his friends throughout the movie, making them mean popular girls.
    2. She is brainwashed; she always follows what Foxy Loxy does.
    3. She barely shows any kindness to Chicken Little, similar to her best friend.
    4. She is cruel, sexist, selfish, and mean, just like her best friend Foxy.
    5. Just like Foxy Loxy, she loves tormenting people and is easily considered a bully.
    6. Just like Foxy, Goosey received no consequences for her actions simply because she was one of the "popular girls", thus making her a karma houdini.
    7. She flung Chicken Little at the top window in gym class when he was criticizing Foxy Loxy because she is brainwashed by her and is like her servant. This act of Goosey's proves that Foxy cannot handle any criticism.
    8. Like the rest of the Oakey Oaks residents, she ends up being a coward after failing to show potential to fight the aliens just because of Foxy Loxy's capture by them.
    9. She is just a filler character so Foxy Loxy can have a friend to bully with.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She's only a bully because she's brainwashed by Foxy Loxy.
    2. She became friends with Chicken Little when he won the baseball game.
    3. She is admittedly cute, especially for a goose.
    4. Mark Walton did a good job voicing her, despite that she does not speak.
    5. Just like Foxy Loxy, she's a hate sink. In other words, she is meant to be hated.
    6. At least she's nowhere near as awful as Foxy Loxy, and she is more tolerable than her.


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