Goofball McGee (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

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Goofball McGee
Goofball McGee.png
"I’m one of them um… make 'em up pals."
Gender: Male
Type: Jerky Teenage Imaginary Friend
Species: Humanoid Imaginary Friend
Portrayed by: Tom Kenny
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

"Goofball" John McGee, better known as Goofball McGee is a one time character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, appearing in the infamous episode Imposter's Home for Um... Make ‘Em Up Pals as the main antagonist. He is an imaginary friend resembling a human teenager wearing a clown nose and tie, but underneath his clown nose is an elephant trunk.

Why He's A Bad Goofball

  1. To get the elephant out of the room (pun not intended about his nose reveal), he is horribly behaved and puts Frankie through so much misery.
    • He forced Frankie to do his laundry the second he entered Foster’s and threw his dirty jersey at her.
    • He made Frankie do his homework for him and bathe Eduardo twice.
    • He crashed the Foster’s bus into the garage.
    • He woke up the babies that took Frankie 45 minutes to put to sleep for no reason, bribed them to give them candy to stop crying for Frankie only to tell them they can’t have candy which makes them cry again and say they hate Frankie and Goofball accuses Frankie of getting their hopes up and say she’s bad with kids.
    • He along with Bloo ate the entire food in the kitchen and made Frankie buy more food from her own pockets only to order pizza for dinner and made Frankie pay for that too.
    • He invited his human friends and made a mess in the hallways for Frankie to clean and sneezed in her face at the game room.
    • He exposed Frankie’s imaginary friend disguise so she wouldn’t be able to go to the concert and she gets punished to clean the whole house.
    • He took Frankie's place at the concert she really wanted to attend and boasted about it to her.
    • He mocks Frankie that she miss the concert, casing her to snap.
  2. The plot twist where Goofball was highly implicating that he was a human posing as an imaginary friend but was in fact an imaginary friend was really weak and forced.
  3. Whether he really was an imaginary friend or not, this should not excuse his actions for putting Frankie in trouble for no good reason.
  4. His voice is grating to listen to, as he sounds like an even more high-pitched SpongeBob SquarePants from the series of the same name and also a Transformers Animated incarnation of Starscream (who has the same voice actor) and is a waste of Tom Kenny's talent.
  5. In the end, he doesn't get punished for his actions, making him a karma houdini.
    • Heck, not even his "heartwarming" moment with Frankie manages to redeem him.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Like all of the characters in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, his design is pretty creative to look at.


Alongside Bendy, Goofball is one of the most hated characters in the series, due to him acting like a total jerk to Frankie and receiving no consequence for his actions. Goofball has been criticized for his painfully obvious human-like design and attitude, alongside the way the episode dropped hints that he was actually human, but in the end ignored them when he is revealed to be an imaginary friend all along, making the reveal feel extremely forced.


  • Lauren Faust had actually stated on her Twitter page that the original pitch to Goofball's story was that he was supposed to be a strange man in his 30s pretending to be an imaginary friend and leaching off Foster's. However, due to the direction it would be when aiming towards children (especially since having a strange, lazy, confused, and lonely 30-something year-old man wouldn't really be seen as relatable, quirky, and child friendly/appropriate), they were asked by Cartoon Network executives to make Goofball a teenager and later be revealed to actually be a real imaginary friend to be relatable to kids. Faust also said because of this, the original plan and expected plot of Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals was ruined, thus creating one of the single worst endings in all of Foster's.
  • Due to Goofball's negative response by many fans and critics alike, he is attended as a one-time character only. Similar to both Bendy's and Jamze's removal from the show's premises due to their negative response from fans as well, Goofball stays with his creator in Canada, as he and the McGees are never seen or even mentioned again afterwards, and is also a 100% Non-Canon character.
    • Goofball is the third character in the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends series to be written off the show and is a 100% non-canon character, the first being Bendy, and the second being Jamze.


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