Golly Gopher

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Golly Gopher
"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT!! I MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE! AND YOU'RE GONNA GO ON TV AND MAKE ME A BIG STAR AGAIN!!! YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO ME!!! ..... You can't say no to me, you know it's true...."
Gender: Male
Type: Mickey Mouse/Bugs Bunny Rip-off
Species: Anthropomorphic Gopher
Portrayed by: Paul Reubens (Re-Animated)
Carlos Alazraqui (Out of Jimmy's Head)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Re-Animated
Out of Jimmy's Head

Golly Gopher is a cartoon gopher from Re-Animated and its spin-off, Out of Jimmy's Head. He first appears at the beginning of the movie, Re-Animated, on the TV screen in a cartoon, A Hero in Training. Before Out of Jimmy's Head premiered, he got into a bad start in one of the absolute worst things that Cartoon Network has ever done, Re-Animated. Ever since then, he's become one of the most hated Cartoon Network characters.

Why He Should Be Yoinked Out of Jimmy’s Head

  1. He's a manipulative, egotistical, narcissistic jerk who has little to no empathy for others. For example, he uses Jimmy in order to become a star again once he becomes immensely popular.
  2. In fact, he can be best described as a rip-off of Mickey Mouse (by design) and Bugs Bunny (by personality). However, he is much less likable than the previous two characters.
  3. He never takes no for an answer, as he angrily shouts at Jimmy that he made him who he is, he doesn't care what he wants, and that he can't say no to him, while ranting and raving like a lunatic. If Sonny Appleday is the main antagonist of Out of Jimmy's Head, then he's the true main antagonist of Re-Animated!
  4. He pushes his best friend, Crocco, around in an episode of Out of Jimmy's Head, but thankfully it's a flashback.
  5. He is very immature, as he constantly yells during the majority of his scenes and when he saw that his reputation is shattered, he starts crying like a baby.
  6. He frequently gives Jimmy terrible advice, notably in Re-Animated.
  7. Both of his voice actors (Paul Reubens and Carlos Alazraqui) did poor jobs voicing him. It is very grating as well, especially when he's yelling or crying.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does apologize for his actions, which shows that he can be caring at times.
  2. While still not likable, he does become a bit more tolerable in Out of Jimmy's Head and in an animated short, A Hero in Training, and he's now not as bad as he was in Re-Animated.
  3. He has some funny one-liners in the TV series, such as:
    • "WHAT?!"
  4. His design is admittedly cute.


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