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    Glenn Quagmire (seasons 8-present)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: He is a pervert.

    Glenn Quagmire
    — Quagmire from the episode "Quagmire's Dad".
    Gender: Male
    Type: Perverted Child Molester
    The Dark Side of Glenn Quagmire
    Age: 61
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Seth MacFarlane
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Family Guy
    First appearance: Death Has a Shadow

    Glenn Quagmire is a recurring character in the Fox adult animated comedy series Family Guy. He is the neighbor of the Griffins, who is known for crazing over sex 24/7.

    While he was a tolerable character in the first seven seasons sadly, he was flanderized and while he still did not fully recovered from it, but he did start to slowly improve from season 18 onward.

    Perverted Qualities

    1. He went from a kind of pervy ladies man, to a repulsive sexual predator who knowingly and gleefully shares his numerous STDs with the women he sleeps with (lying about wearing protection if he needs to), making him extremely unsympathetic to the audience despite how many times the show tries to give him sympathetic episodes (his sister being in an abusive relationship, him being tricked into marrying a prostitute, him being trapped in an abusive relationship with a "female Quagmire", etc.)
    2. The way he is written nowadays is all over the place, as he only likes women for their bodies rather than personality and he is not only a pervert, but also a child molester too. There are even times where the show portrays him as the cynical straight-man of Peter’s friend group, a role typically reserved by Joe.
    3. Sometimes, he is shown to be somewhat of a bad friend to Peter as he can be seen hitting on his wife Lois constantly.
    4. Quagmire not only hits on Lois but he has also hit on several other men’s wives too. He tricked Joe into letting him sleep with Bonnie in “April in Quahog”, slept with Cleveland’s first wife Loretta in “The Cleveland-Loretta-Quagmire, and constantly tries to sleep with Cleveland’s second wife, Donna. His lack of respect towards marital boundaries even extends outside of his friends as he is seen sleeping with the wives of other men and in one episode of American Dad!, Quagmire tricks Francine Smith into sending inappropriate pictures of herself to him and Francine’s husband, Stan Smith never finds out about this.
    5. He abused Brian three times throughout the series; the first scene was when he severely beat up Brian, the second scene being when he broke Brian’s teeth with a lamp (although, the second time was justified since Brian scammed him into buying a run-down lot, despite that Quagmire helped Brian get his teeth repaired in the beginning), and the third time is where he grabs Brian by the neck and bashes his head at the sprinkler, but after that, they soon apologized to each other. However, he has gone back to hating Brian in the season 20 episode “Must Love Dogs”, and it seems they are not on good terms anymore.
      • In "Life of Brian", he attends Brian's funeral, but he doesn't mourn or spite him, he is shown watching a baseball game on his cellphone out of boredom.
    6. Speaking of which, he's a massive hypocrite in calling out Brian. It's implied that the real reason he hates Brian is that he's a dog, and Quagmire is a cat person. This has been confirmed true in the episode “Must Love Dogs” as Quagmire admits to the girl he was dating in the episode that he hates dogs.
    7. Elaborating on Quagmire’s hypocrisy concerning Brian, Quagmire has not only done a lot of bad things Brian did, but the things done when Quagmire did them are a lot worse than when Brian did them. For example while Brian was revealed to have fathered only one kid and failed to treat him well, Quagmire on the other hand was revealed to have fathered more than six children yet he was never around for them.
    8. Because of his hatred for Brian, Quagmire ends up kickstarting an infamous feud between himself and Brian. That feud has been criticized for being the focus of many episodes to the point where it became annoying and caused both Quagmire and Brian to undergo further character derailment and flanderization.
    9. He also engages in voyeurism as he is frequently a peeping tom towards women by spying on them in the bathroom. He once did that to Lois in “Blind Ambition”, which got him arrested and it is revealed in “A Fistful Of Meg” that he constantly goes to Meg and Chris’ high school to spy on the girls in the school locker rooms whenever they finish up gym class.
    10. In “Quagmire's Baby”, he names his daughter after a sexual innuendo Anna Lee, and when he gives her up for adoption and sees she happy with her new family, it was a heartwarming way to end the episode, until it was ruined when Quagmire said he could meet up with her when she's eighteen and have sex, which is incest.
      • In "Quagmire & Meg", Quagmire plans to hump Meg when she turns 18, which is not just disgusting, but it also makes him a pedophile in a way, due to the massive 43-year age difference between both of them.
        • In many episodes, he is just very easily offended. In “Wild Wild West”, he gets angry at Peter just for talking about someone that he doesn’t know, which is a very petty thing to do.
    11. He partakes in human trafficking and sexual slavery as it's revealed in multiple episodes like “Airport 07” that he trafficked women from Asian countries for sex all while tagging them and its implied that he takes advantage of his own job as a pilot to pull it off.
    12. He is also a very bad friend to Peter in some episodes. While most of the time this is justified since Peter was mean to him first, in “Family Guy Lite” he traps Peter in a hole without any food or water for days, just because he wanted to get thinner.
      • He shoots Peter in the head after the latter accidentally shoots his arm, with a lack of shock and remorse, stating they are cool after that.
    13. Just like all other characters in the show, he has become extremely expressionless as the show went on, on earlier seasons he was smiling most of the time and was often squinting his eyes, almost making him look suspicious and dubious (which matched his older personality of a charming pervert), but nowadays he almost never smiles and looks just as dead eyed as all the other characters, which basically sums up his new, bland personality.
    14. He is basically a Gary Stu as he always comes out on top in incidents with his feud with Brian and almost always gets away with the crimes he commits, especially crimes committed towards women.

    "Giggity!" Qualities

    1. He was a much better character in the first seven seasons and is slightly reverting to his likable self, starting with season 18.
    2. Despite hitting on Lois, Quagmire is still very loyal to his best friend Peter as he would never try to wrongfully hurt his feelings by romantically stealing Lois from him.
    3. He still cares about his family and friends. For instance, he defended her sister, Brenda from her abusive boyfriend Jeffrey (which he could have called the police about him but instead kill him justifiably). He also saved Brian and Meg from being kidnapped by cats in the episode "Family Cat".
    4. He can still be likable and have his original personality in some episodes (even if they are bad) such as in "Brian the Closer".
    5. Despite being disrespectful (in a bad way), at least he didn't gloat over the death of Brian in front of others in the episode "Life of Brian".
    6. Despite BQ#8 (1), he's one of the few people who doesn't bully Meg. For example, in the episode "A Fistful of Meg", he helped Meg out in her problem with Mental Mike and trained her to become stronger.
    7. Seth MacFarlane still does a great job voicing him, making him sound unique.
    8. His design is still great as usual like most of the other Family Guy's characters.
    9. The show wouldn't be the same without him.


    • His character spawned quite a few of memes.


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