Glenn Close (Dungeons and Daddies)

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Glenn Close (Dungeons and Daddies)
Glenn Close (D&Daddies).jpg
"Hey man, cool it."
Gender: Male
Type: Charismatic Jerk
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Dungeons and Daddies'

Glenn Close is a main/player character in the D&D real-play podcast Dungeons and Daddies. He shares the same given and last name with famous actress Glenn Close. He is played by Freddie Wong.

Why He Sucks

  1. Glenn markets guitar pedals that are just rebranded Tube Screamers. He has sold none, but this shows how deceitful and greedy Glenn is.
  2. He stole Darryl's minivan and drove away, leaving the other dads behind in a camp full of brigands.
  3. Even though he felt a little bad about driving away, when the other dads caught up with Glenn he wasn't sympathetic or that apologetic.
  4. Despite being a protagonist, his morals and selfishness make him extremely unlikable and unrelatable.
    • He tries to use his charisma to get out of every situation, while this isn't always a bad thing he may try to persuade others to let him prosper in his wickedness.
    • Glenn is only concerned with the well-being of his family and friends. He could have healed Erin O'Neil but instead let her die.
    • He lets his 13 year old son smoke weed.
    • Glenn believes that violence is a good alternative to talking his way out.
  5. Glenn's build as a Bard is poor. Freddie built Glenn as this super charismatic guy, and probably put all of his points into charisma. Glenn is not good at what he's proficient at, and is instead just extremely good at intimidating and persuading. He didn't even cast Bardic Inspiration until episode 19, which is an essential Bard spell. Overall, Glenn is a poor Bard.
  6. Glenn loves to mock and jeer at others.
  7. Glenn is wildly idiotic as well, and comes up with stupid ideas.
  8. He has received little to no character development at all; it's been over 30 episodes now and Glenn is still a static character.
  9. He is shown to be extremely narcissistic. An example is when he convinced someone to rename the sport called "Throw The Ball, Catch The Ball, Run The Ball Across The Field" to "Glenn Bowl".
  10. Glenn isn't always very involved in the adventure or actions of the other dads, and didn't accomplish too much in episodes 34, 35, and 36.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He loves his son very much, and he makes an effort to be a good pal to him, as well as Paeden.
  2. Glenn did encourage his son to save Henry Oak's life, which was a success.
  3. He is rather hilarious to be honest.
  4. Glenn may be suffering from trauma, which is somewhat apparent in episode 30. If this is true then some of his actions make more sense.
  5. He is hyper charismatic, and though he usually uses it to achieve questionable things it's still impressive. He also convinced Erin O'Neil to not kill a whole village of humans with her trees, which is arguably a good deed.
  6. Glenn's wife died in a car accident sometime before the adventure, and this gives the listeners a reason to feel for him.
  7. Freddie Wong's portrayal and voicing for Glenn achieves the effect of making him feel like a real person.


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