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Glen Maverick is a character in Surf's Up. He is Bob and Enda Maverick's oldest son and Cody Maverick's older brother. He is voiced by Brian Posehn.

Why He Sucks

  1. He keeps calling his younger brother Cody a loser.
  2. He likes to tease Cody a lot.
  3. He threw a snowball at Cody during the beginning of the film.
  4. He is basically a stereotypical older brother character who likes to pick on and bully their younger sibling.
  5. He even ate all of the tuna casserole and stole Cody’s helping of it by punching him in the stomach.
  6. He wants Cody to give up his dreams of surfing and act like the other penguins in Shiverpool.
  7. He never gets punished for his actions.
  8. He could qualify as a Gary Stu because of these above qualities.
  9. He has never showed any sympathy for his brother.
  10. He thinks that winning is everything that Cody coming in 2nd place at the Big Z Memorial Surf Off meant that the latter had lost. He even refuses to acknowledge the moral that "winning isn't everything".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Brian Posehn did a decent job at voicing him.
  2. He can be hilarious at times.


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