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    Gerry (Crash and Bernstein)

    "HEY I'M GERRY!!!! Ugh, this place smells like Snails!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Obnoxious Neighbor
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Joe DiGiovanni
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Crash and Bernstein

    Gerry is the main antagonist of the episode "Release the Crashen" from Crash & Bernstein. He is a one-shot antagonist who was once a neighbor to Wyatt Bernstein and also had a equally obnoxious mother named Gretchen who seem to annoy Mrs. Bernstein, and he (alongside her mom) never appeared again after this episode.

    He is portrayed by Joe DiGiovanni.

    Why He Intentionally Sucks

    1. For starters, he is ill-mannered and outright shameless. He is first seen disrespecting Wyatt by saying his apartment smells like snails twice, and he even insults Wyatt's apartment like how it's so tiny that it has cramped corners and how the seating arrangement is "whack", this makes him easy to loathe once he's first introduced (in universe or otherwise). Which is saying something since he easily stands out as the most loathsome character in the entire show.
    2. When Wyatt introduces himself to Gerry with a handshake, he took Wyatt's sandwich without asking and says he doesn't do crunchy (as if Wyatt's snack was a snack to serve him).
    3. He's an overall jerk since he makes fun of Crash by mockingly asking him what kind of name is "Crash" and if he wanted to be a traffic reporter in a rather condescending way.
    4. He is also a killjoy, when Crash made a joke about keeping his underwear in the scrubs in response to Gerry saying that he keeps his movie tapes in the clouds, Gerry outright looked offended at Crash's one-liner and claims to not do jokes at all with anyone (which made Crash whisper to Wyatt to express his dislike for Gerry's unlikable behavior).
    5. Despite being Wyatt's newfound friend, he acts more like a bit of an egotistical nuisance who acts bizarrely and wants to watch Telenovelas all the time rather than being a normal friend, making him a toxic friend in this episode.
    6. He is also a complete weirdo despite trying to be the "cool guy", he is seen clipping his toenails in Wyatt's living room, in front of Crash and Wyatt, and does this in full display for them to see how disgusting he is.
      • It doesn't help that he is shown to be stalking the Bernsteins by looking through his window and waved at Mrs. Bernstein like a strange person, which weirds out Wyatt's mom once she opens the blinds and finds Gerry waving for whatever reason.
    7. He's also quite self-absorbed, where his weird stories freak out Wyatt and Crash to the point of traumatizing them and leaving them horrified (yet Gerry disregards their mentality and treats it like it's nothing special), like one of the stories he told like Gerry kissing his dog on the lips (which even makes someone like Crash of all people feel bad for the dog).
    8. It's not helping that he is such a hate-sink, even the Fandom of Crash and Bernstein, any synopsis of the episode, and even the makers of the episode itself, all describe Gerry as "annoying", "rude", "not smart" and "unwelcomed".

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does receive comeuppance for his actions at the end of the episode, which made him and his mother stop hanging around the Bernsteins for good reason.
    2. He's meant to be hated and despised for how much of a mean-spirited jerk he is.
    3. Joe DiGiovanni does a fair enough job at portraying his character. As some of his lines can be entertaining to listen to sometimes, such as these two for example: "Cramped corners, Com Padre! No wonder the place smells." and "Oh man you gotta love it when a day hang turns into a night hang.".



    • He comes from Barcelona.


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