Gerolta (Bionihero's weird life)

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Gerolta (Bionihero's weird life)
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"When the post season 6 Peter Griffin merges with Thanos..."
Gender: Male
Type: Thanos rip-off
Age: Unkown, most likely an adult
Species: Biomechanical being
Portrayed by: MRH2006Junior
Status: Deceased
Media of Origin: Bionihero's wierd life

Gerolta is the "main" antagonist of the Shadow and Ghost arc for the Scratch series Bionihero's weird life. He was formerly the president of Su-Metru, the creator of the coronabeing species and the person held responsible for making the factions Shadow and Ghost

Why He Sucks

  1. Despite being the main antagonist of Shadow and Ghost, he only appears in four episodes, Shadow and Ghost 7, 10, 11 and the finale. To add salt to the wound, he doesn't even appear in the Coronavirus arc!
  2. He is a deliberate rip-off of Thanos, however instead he has a gauntlet that can kill everyone except himself. But Thanos had a reason why to wipe out half of the population of the universe.
  3. Continuing from the last point, he became evil SIMPLY BECAUSE HE WASN'T POPULAR AS THE PRESIDENT
  4. He is very abusive to his eldest son Dean just because he is a half octarian, proving that Gerolta is a racist.
  5. He even said to Dean that his mother gave birth to him because Gerolta has sex with her and when he was feeling DRUNK AND DEPPRESSED which is absolutely disturbing to younger viewers, luckily he didn't actually say the words sex due to Scratch's community guidelines.
  6. He blames his son Dean just because he tried to arrest PsycoPlague for identity fraud.
  7. He also got Dean to kill people, ranging from Dean's classmates, Dean's octoling half-sister and Antirocka.
  8. He tricked Jeff and Antircoka to lead Ghost and Shadow respectively which will lead to their demise.
  9. He also tricked Dread that if he worked for him, Gerolta would tell him about his past life.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nonetheless, being an elected president then no one asking for his contributions is a bit sad.
  2. He is a fraction more tolerable than his youngest son Gambla.
  3. He received his well deserved comeuppance, being acclaimed guilty in the court then being tied to the post and shot by Drifter.
  4. The Scratcher PsycoPlague made an excellent meme out of him, not only making fun of the Shadow and Ghost arc but also how Gerolta is a rip-off of Thanos.
  5. Luckily, MRH2006Junior (creator of the series) managed to save the character to becoming more generic, he was originally going to be the Finnish police officer from the Coronavirus finale in disguise and he would have been know as commander, so thank goodness for that


  • His name is a combination of two names, Gerald and Parolta
  • He is a bit similar to Jeff the Killer
    • Both have really unreasonable backstories
    • they both have unexplained powers as well

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