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    George and Jane Jetson (John Kricfalusi)

    George and Jane Jetson
    Before Ren & Stimpy, this duo happened to be the victims of flanderization by John Kricfalusci.
    Gender: Male (George)
    Female (Jane)
    Type: Abusive Parents
    The Dark Sides of George and Jane Jetson
    Age: unknown
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Jeff Bergman (George)
    Laurie Fraser (Jane)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Jetsons (Webseries)
    First appearance: The Jetsons

    George Jetson and Jane Jetson are the characters from the 1962 Hanna Barbera show named The Jetsons. George Jetson is voiced by Jeff Bergman while Jane Jetson was voiced by Laurie Fraser. Unfortunately, both of them suffered a bad case of flanderization in the John K. webtoons from the early 2000s.

    Why They Promote Domestic Abuse Now


    1. In "The Best Son", their relationship with each other can have some unfortunate implications like domestic abuse. While they weren't exactly a saint in the original show, here their personalities can be really toxic in these shorts.
    2. That very same short, both of them abandoned and neglect their son in favor of a robot which seems very cruel and abusive. Also, it's also disturbing to look at the outcome of it.
    3. While the designs and expressions are lively and expressive, they tend to get ugly sometimes.
    4. Their characters do not have a very good grasp of the source material of the original show.


    1. She became an even more nagging wife than before.
    2. She can also act like a crybaby which can sound annoying after George Jetson tells her she should not have a kid in the first place.
    3. Laurie Fraser did a poor job voicing her.


    1. He's not a good role model for Elroy in "Father And Son's Day" because he forces himself and his son not to go to work even though they are not sick. Also simply not giving the shaving machine back as a punishment after Elroy has done a lot of damage to it.
    2. He also has uncontrollable anger issues just because he didn't want to pay his bill and when Elroy made a Simpsons reference.
    3. He's mainly the reason why both of them tried to abandon their son in favor of a robot.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Jeff Bergman does a great job voicing George Jetson, but the same can't be said for Jane Jetson.
    2. It's nice to see the old Hanna Barbera characters again.
    3. As mentioned before, the designs and expressions are lively and expressive.


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