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    George Pig
    "Dine-saw! ROAR!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Crybaby Annoying Younger Sibling
    Age: 2 (seasons 1-6)
    3 (season 7)
    Species: Pig
    Portrayed by: Oliver May (2004-2020, speaking)
    Alice May (2004-present, vocal effects)
    Vincent van Hulzen (2020-present, speaking)
    Media of origin: Peppa Pig
    First appearance: Muddy Puddles

    "Waaaahaaaa! Eeeeewwaaaa! Ewaheeeglaaa! Ihi-ihi-i-hih!"

    George Pig, when he's crying

    George Pig, or simply George, is one of the main characters from Peppa Pig. He is Peppa Pig's little brother, who loves dinosaurs.

    "WAAHAAAAAA!" Qualities

    1. One of the main problems with him is the main running gag of him crying. In most episodes he is in, there always has to be a scene where he ends up crying over something and it's annoying to listen to, not helped by the fact that the same crying sound effects are reused in every episode.
      • Also, after he cries, he always makes a sobbing sound that goes like "Eheheheh", which makes it sound like laughter than sobbing.
    2. His design, despite being passable, is extremely simple, but bland, like most of the other characters of Peppa Pig.
    3. Aside from the recurring joke of crying all the time, he also has a running gag where he only says the word "dinosaur", which is somewhat annoying for the most part.
      • Hypocrisy: On that topic, he constantly laments about his love for dinosaurs, yet he starts getting frightened whenever he hears their roaring which is both ironic and hypocritical at the same time.
    4. He is often very disobedient at times, as he always tries his best to gain attention in the show. That can also result in George being an egotist.
    5. Although not as bad as Peppa, he is shown to be somewhat of a bad role model to young children.
    6. He sometimes chooses to not listen to his parents or to Peppa when they tell him to not do something. For example, in "George Catches a Cold", he keeps trying to take off his rain hat, even though his parents tell him not to do that because of the risk of catching a cold.
      • George was also slightly aggravating, as he kept asking "Why?", and he continuously coughed like he was gonna throw up or puke which was beyond gross.
    7. George acts as a bully to most kids his age for barely any reason.
      • Him and Richard smashed each other’s sandcastles in "George's Friend", which was uncalled for.

    Good Qualities

    1. He is admittedly quite cute at times, along with his obsession with dinosaurs being fine sometimes.
      • In "Pottery", he makes a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of clay (the kind used for pottery) and it can work as a teapot which is actually pretty neat.
    2. Admittedly, he has a passable character design, despite it being really simple.
    3. His crying in other versions (especially Brazilian Portuguese) is a bit better to listen to.
      • Plus, Oliver May and Vincent Van Hulzen do a legendary job voicing him, at least when he's not crying or screaming. His voice is also cute to hear.
    4. He doesn't cry as often in the later seasons.
      • Along with that, he became slightly more tolerable and decent, though not enough to fully redeem his character, and he is much better than Peppa Pig.
    5. For the most part, he can be seen as sympathetic at times, especially since he is often bullied by Peppa Pig and is mostly the victim of Peppa's bratty behavior, alongside Daddy Pig being an actual relatable Butt-Monkey sometimes.
      • Some of George's crying is understandable, given that Peppa has picked on him more than a few times in the series.
      • Depending on your point of view, the way Peppa treats him can be seen as a punishment for his disobedience and selfishness (although George is innocent in the episodes where Peppa treats him like a punching bag).
    6. There are several episodes where he is tolerable. For example, in "The Quarrel", he looks sympathetic to his sister after her quarrel with Suzy Sheep and doesn't even cry once.
    7. Sometimes, he can be cool. Examples include:
      • In "Musical Instruments", he managed to play a big horn that not even Daddy Pig could play.
      • In "Shopping", he carries a gigantic melon with ease which is surprising for his age.
      • In "Ice Skating", he is shown to be amazing at ice skating even without anyone teaching him.
    8. His behavior can be understandable as he's only supposed to be 2-3, so he doesn't know any better.
    9. There are some examples where George learns his lesson, like in "George Catches a Cold", after catching a cold due to him not wearing his hat, he had to stay in bed and have a warm cup of milk, and the next morning, he is seen wearing a hat to avoid getting a cold again.



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