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    Geoffrey St. John
    "You murdered Sally! The Woman I loved!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Idiotic, Unlikable Pervert and a Jerk
    Species: Skunk (Archie Sonic)
    Mephitidae (The Lara-Su Chronicles)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

    Geoffrey Ian St. John is a character originally from the Sonic Archie Comics and later appeared in The Lara-Su Chronicles, originally created by Ken Penders for a miniseries focused on Sally Acorn, but who later became a regular character in the comics.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Geoffrey was at first supposed to be one of Freedom Fighters' main heroes as well as a love interest for Sally, however after his debut appearance in the Sally miniseries he had his role reduced to a pointless rival for Sonic. As the plot progresses he gets more and more perverse with Sonic until he becomes a villain.
    2. When the main characters like Sonic and Sally were established as teenagers in the late 90s, Geoffrey remained an adult, which disrupts the fact that he has already had relationships and kissed Sally several times before which would make him an ephebophile.(We don't know if there is even an age of consent, but either way, it doesn't help that Ken tries to defend his weird fantasies.)
      • According to Ken Penders, he was supposed to have a sexual encounter with Sally at some point. Thankfully, it wasn't included because it was too inappropriate for young readers.
    3. He is one of the characters that have the most inconsistent design throughout the evolution of the comic in the pre-Ian Flynn era.
    4. His rivalry with Sonic makes no sense, to begin with, mainly because he ignores the fact that Sonic is primarily responsible for foiling Robotnik's plans and other enemies of the kingdom.
    5. Hypocrisy: At one point he calls Sonic a brat and he must not do any missions because he is minor, although one of his team members Wombat Stu is also a minor.
    6. He was responsible for making Elias give up being king and flee his post since Geoffrey was being very bossy and forcing him to rule the kingdom the way he wanted to.
    7. His design in The Lara-Su Chronicles is disturbing.
    8. He betrays the Freedom Fighters and allies himself with Ixis Naugus.

    Good Qualities

    1. His design is cool and cute.
    2. He was a decent character on his debut in the Sally miniseries.
    3. He had the potential to be a good character.
    4. His romance with Hershey was a decent nod to Pepe Le Pew's romance with Penelope Pussycat.
    5. His backstory where his father died in the plane crash, and his wife was killed by D.E.L. (Dark Egg Legion) was very tragic, and gives him a believable reason why Geoffrey becomes the villain.
    6. While Ken Penders made him unlikable, other writers like Ian Flynn and Karl Bollers handled him much better.


    • His creator, Ken Penders, is strongly hated by the Sonic fanbase, for being known as a terrible writer, in addition to having already tried to boycott the comic and accuse Sega of stealing his ideas for games.


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