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    Gelatin (BFB 1-18)
    Sometimes, dark humor is the way some people cope with the tragedy of what happened to this contestant.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Unlikable Prick
    The Dark Side of Gelatin
    Species: Jello
    Portrayed by: Graham Taylor (2012-2020)
    Ian Woodside (2020-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Battle for Dream Island

    Gelatin is a major supporting character and contestant on the semi-hit web-series franchise, Battle for Dream Island, he appears as a supporting character in Battle for Dream Island Again, one of the overarching main characters and contestants in BFB, a minor character in IDFB, and a background character in TPOT. He is a hyperactive piece of Jello who is one of the contestants of BFDI.

    For most of the Battle for Dream Island franchise, he is usually a nice, intelligent, slightly troublesome, and sane character, but during the first half of BFB, however, he suffered a flanderization to the point where he's not only more antagonistic than usual but also became an outright intolerable and unlikable troublemaker. Even after the first half of BFB, he can still be an unbearable and mean-spirited jerk, although not as bad as last time.

    Why He Deserved to Be Zapped by Four

    Note: This page will only be talking about his behavior in the first half of Battle for BFDI as he is much more likable before and after the first half of BFB. It still applies to him in BFB 17-29, although to a much lesser extent. Also, don’t add any moments from Seasons 2 & 3, because he was likable in that season. Any attempts to add loathsome moments of Gelatin's in seasons 2-3 will be automatically reverted.

    1. He got horrendously flanderized as he went from a nice contestant with occasional moments of meanness and selfishness but still had a good heart to a much more annoying, reckless, unlikable, troublesome, disobedient, bratty, irritating, obnoxious, and inconsiderate prick whose irresponsible and problematic behavior causes a lot of dangerous and harmful disasters for his team.
      • He has lost almost all of the charm he had in the earlier seasons, until the second half of BFB.
      • He has also been seriously dumbed down to having the mind of a baby in this season as he does a lot of immature, impulsive, childish, and infantile stuff such as playing tag with Naily, being spoiled whenever he doesn’t get his way, laughing like a childish idiot, and doing juvenile things such as throwing forks and acting like a moron. Additionally, he also became so happy all the time.
      • He's also more of a Butt-Monkey in this season as he regularly gets scolded by his teammates; you can never feel for him due to how selfish he has become.
      • Gelatin may have been somewhat selfish in BFDIA and IDFB due to his claustrophobia and occasional idiocy, making him tend to push off his teammates, but not to this extent.
    2. He tends to do terrible things and screw up, such as when he threw forks at Four (even if they deserved it).
    3. He is a huge jerk to his teammates, especially Donut. For example, he insulted him and called him a "party pooper" in BFB 4, which is very rude and disrespectful. He also doesn't seem to care about how others feel.
    4. Although unintentionally, he can say some pretty rude, insensitive, disrespectful, mean-spirited, blunt, or thoughtless things to others due to being flanderized into an annoying and idiotic insufferable jerkass, for example, in BFB 4, he called Donut a party pooper without showing remorse. Another example is in BFB 16, where he repeatedly says whatever in a nonchalantly rude way. And don't even get us started with the things he said when Donut died in BFB 14.
    5. He has a habit of using Bomby for protection purposes in challenges. For example, he decides to use him in BFB 1 & 5, only to get an overreaction out of Donut.
    6. He can sometimes act like a callous sociopath, hooligan, menace, hindrance, or lunatic. For example, he didn't feel bad for Donut when he died in BFB 14, and just made a pun about him by making dark humor as well as pushed one of his teammates (Naily) off when Bomby exploded to establish some room for himself.
    7. He was at his ABSOLUTE WORST in BFB 16 where he was rude to Four, threw a tantrum when the latter didn't give him a speck of dust, made incredibly blunt comments, and generally acted obnoxious.
    8. He always makes bad decisions, such as when he did a cannonball in Barf Bag, which caused her to pass out.
    9. Much like Lord Betrayus, his levels of flamboyance, overconfidence, bossiness, pettiness, incompetence, immaturity, arrogance, jerkiness, overreaction, hamminess, buffoonery, and occasional sarcasm are generally taken to the point of being stale and irritating.
    10. His beatboxing skills are mediocre and can be seen as annoying too.
    11. He is often shoehorned in the episodes of this season compared to most of the other contestants. This is to the point where characters like Rocky, Firey Jr., TV, Bomby, and Puffball are often used in the background with no speaking lines in the episodes. Sound familiar?
    12. He is one of the reasons why Donut is so irritable and cranky all the time, which kind of makes sense.
    13. While he's arguably the secondary antagonist of Battle for BFDI next to Four and to some extent, X, he is not very good at being an antagonist and comes off more as an annoying yet pathetic, incompetent, and harmless bumbler than an evil threat.
      • Likewise, while he does try to help his team, he does a very poor job at it.
    14. Even though Graham Taylor still does a good job voicing him, it can get very annoying at times in BFB 16 since he was pretty much crying and blurting half of his lines, and it's very frustrating.
    15. As WHWCDTBZBF#11 said, he, alongside Four, takes away the spotlight from the other characters.
    16. Unlike most of the other contestants, he never learns his lesson, and if he seemingly has, it gets reversed in the next episode.
    17. While his design is still good, it can look a bit mediocre at times and is a slight downgrade to his design in BFDIA & IDFB.
    18. He barely has any character development or character arc in this season, and he seems to get worse and worse as the first half of BFB goes on.
    19. His personality is very inconsistent sometimes. On the one hand, he is a simply mischievous and troublesome boy who just wants to have fun and hardly means any harm. On the other hand, however, he is a manipulative, selfish, and egomaniacal monster who does sinful and irredeemable things to hurt others. BFB 16 best showcases this.
    20. He never listens to his teammates. For example, he will do the exact opposite of what people say to him.
    21. Hypocrisy: He calls Donut a "party pooper", yet he often ruins the challenges for his teammates.
    22. His actions can range from slightly forgivable or annoying to the point where you want to punch him in the face.
    23. Much like Bloo & Brainy Smurf, he doesn't serve much of a purpose in most of the season 4a episodes other than being an absolute nuisance who causes inconvenience due to how annoying he is.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was a much better character in BFDIA and IDFB and redeemed himself during in BFB 19.
    2. He still cares about his teammates at times, especially in BFB 3, where he says, "Team Ice Cube Goes Hard!".
    3. He usually does get punished for his reckless actions. For example, Four zapped him in BFB 3, so it's needless to say he isn't a Karma Houdini in the slightest (most of the time, it's because of his status as a Butt-Monkey). He was also pushed by Flower in BFB 15, and Donut would also lash out at him often for his extremely rude and irresponsible nature.
    4. Graham Taylor does a great job voicing him most of the time, although it can get annoying at times (specifically in BFB 16)
    5. His design is still good, despite it being a bit mediocre and downgraded at times.
    6. To be fair, he doesn't push off his teammates as often in this season then he did in BFDIA, which is simultaneous character development.
    7. Despite being unfunny at times, he is very funny most of the time, mostly due to his crazed behavior, and spawned so many one-liners that eventually became memes in this season, such as:
      • “Dark humor is the way some people cope with tragedy."
      • "Team Ice Cube Goes Hard!"
      • "Donut, you are just a party pooper!" (Although that quote is also mean-spirited)
      • "It's not me, I'm not touching anything!"
      • *beatboxing* (although it is also kind of annoying and loud)
    8. He went through a very surprising character arc after his infamous flanderization as he went from an irresponsible and unlikable troublemaker into a mature and kind-hearted person akin to how he was in BFDIA.
    9. Much like Four, his flanderization did not damage the show too much.
    10. There are a handful of people who still like him even if he was flanderized.
    11. He is not as flanderized as Four in Battle for BFDI 1-29.


    • His birthday is on June 29, 2012, which was the same day BFDIA 1 came out. This means that Gelatin is 11 years old by official debut, but he doesn't have a canonical age.
    • Gelatin is implied to have a wide variety of mental disorders (ADHD and Antisocial personality disorder in particular).



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