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    Gamzee Makara (Homestuck)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

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    "i'M dOwN tO mY lAsT bOtTlE aNd I dOn'T f**KiN kNoW iF i CaN gEt AnYmOrE iN tHiS mOtHeRf**KiN mAgIc LaNd So I dOn'T kNoW."

    Gamzee Makara is one of the twelve Beta Trolls in Homestuck. His associated Zodiac sign is Capricorn, the 10th sign represented by a goat.

    BaD qUaLiTiEs

    1. Gamzee Makara, despite being intended to be a villain and as well as being scary, he fails at doing so.
    2. His typing quirk happens to be very annoying.
    3. He forced Equius Zahhak to kneel for no good reason.
    4. He also believes in miracles 24/7.
    5. He is pure heartless, heartless to the point that he once teamed with Vriska Serket and Eridan Ampora to the point that Kanaya Maryam kicked him in the groin.
    6. Despite being based on Juggalos, his design is quite grotesque, even for Homestuck standards.

    GoOd qUaLiTiEs

    1. He still means well; especially in Homestuck standards.
    2. He's a funny comic relief character.


    • He and Vriska Serket, especially the latter, are considered to be two of the most overrated Homestuck trolls, despite their bad qualities.


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