Gambla (Bionihero's weird life)

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Gambla (Bionihero's weird life)
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"Why can't we just talk about something that is actually important, like money, or how the hell were going to take the ghost leader down"
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy Texan stereotype
Age: Unkown
Species: Unkown
Portrayed by: MRH2006Junior
Status: Deceased
Media of Origin: Bionihero's wierd life

Gambla is a major antagonist in the scratch series Bionihero's weird life during the Shadow and Ghost arc. He is by far the most infamous and Hated character in the series for many reasons

Why He Sucks

  1. He was instantly bad the moment we were first introduced to him in Shadow and Ghost 4, calling his fellow members of his assassin group (the fiendish 5) idiots
  2. His personality is unoriginal, he's just a heartless guy that loves three things, His Dad (Gerolta who is a no better character), Money and most importantly HIMSELF
  3. He is also a Texan stereotype
  4. He emotionally put down one of his teammates Stephanie caustic, putting his unlikeable personality EVEN FURTHER
  5. Even though he was stabbed in Shadow and Ghost 7, he returned in the Shadow and Ghost finale just to get stabbed again
  6. Most of his lines are just corny alpha male type lines
  7. Shadow and Ghost episode 7 was already a bad episode but he made it a lot worse
  8. He gave Adam (the Ninjastorm123459 one) and indigestion when Adam ate him arm
  9. He doesn't care about Chris's pain and feels no remorse when he killed Chris's older brother Jeff
  10. He also is a MASSIVE egotist, after Chris asked why he killed his older brother, Gambla replied "I'm what you called a real bounty hunter, a person that doesn't care about the target and does the job"
  11. Idiot move when SMA (SCRATCHMASTERADAM) failed to try get Gambla's dad out of jail, Gambla just stepped out of nowhere, called SMA a bad lawyer, then gets beaten up by his older brother Dean, Adam and Stephanie, then stabbed again by Chris
  12. His design is just a recolour of Cheesebread's design

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair he was written to be unlikeable
  2. He does have One decent line, when he's killed, he says "oh, not again, well, not everything is perfect" and it sorta sends a good message
  3. Luckily, he only appeared in Shadow and Ghost, and he's pretty much old news now
  4. The actual Ninjastorm123459 made 2 parodies out of the character to show his hatred, and they were funny to to some extent


  • He actually has a name error, when he was introduced, he was known as Gambal, but later on he was referred as Gambla
  • according to Shadow and Ghost episode 11, genocidal doings, Gambla has an older half-brother, that being Dean Duster, and also Gerolta, the "main" antagonist of the arc, son

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