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    Gabby (Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels)

    "Why do they make me sing that song? The poet who wrote it was certainly wrong. It's bright ahead, the light's ahead. I'd rather go home and go right to bed!"

    Gabby is a character from Max Fleischer's 1939 film; Gulliver's Travels. Where he served as the town's crier and later received his very own short-lived series of theatrical shorts by the same studio a year after the film's release. He is voiced by Pinto Colvig.

    Why He Sucks

    1. His voice is painfully annoying to listen to.
    2. He keeps bossing people around him. In Gabby Goes Fishing, he keeps on shaming an innocent child.
    3. He tries to make things better, but ends up making it worse. One of the most notable examples is in Swing Cleaning.
    4. He is incredibly egotistical and brags about himself all the time.
    5. He looks and feels like a ripoff of Grumpy from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (who was also voiced by Pinto Colvig), but without the charm that Grumpy had.
    6. He usually starts his questions with "Hey!". This just goes to show how rude Gabby can be.
    7. He is also not very bright either. In the short; Two for the Zoo, where he keeps thinking that the Rubberneck Kango can grow big and small when there are actually two Kangos.
    8. After Snitch frees Gabby from a sack near the end of Gulliver's Travels, Gabby proceeds to beat up Snitch. Shouldn't he thank him instead?
    9. In The Constable, he swapped clothing with Snitch so that Gabby was wearing Snitch's clothes while Snitch was wearing a pig costume, and Gabby served Snitch for Snitch's boss to eat (Though he did try to save Snitch later on).
    10. In Two For the Zoo, Gabby stretches out the baby Kango just so he can see if it can grow again. Thankfully, the mother comes in and starts attacking Gabby.
    11. He contributed to the downfall and closure of Fleischer Studios in the early 1940's.
    12. He is also a Butt-Monkey, since he recieves a fair amount of torture as seen in the film, though he deserves it for the most part.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Pinto Colvig put a lot of effort into voicing him.
    2. Without this character in the movie, nobody would have found Gulliver on the beach, even though it was his fault that one of the guards accidentally grabbed King Bombo and made him declare war again.
    3. At least he received his comeuppance at the end of most of his cartoons especially in Fire Cheese, All's Well and Swing Cleaning.
    4. At least he saved Snitch's life from getting eaten on the short; The Constable.



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