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    GG (Annoying Orange)
    "Psssh, Don't be ridiculous, Orange, I am bigger than you, I'm smarter than you, I am better than you in anyway and I want to be with Passion, you gonna do something about it?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rude and Obsessive Jerk
    Species: Granadilla
    Portrayed by: Jon Bailey
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Annoying Orange

    Giant Granadilla, also known as GG, is a supporting character of the long-running YouTube series The Annoying Orange. He is Passion Fruit's cousin. He is voiced by Jon Bailey.

    Why He's Intentionally A Giant Jerk

    1. He is a big jerk to everyone including Orange, Grapefruit and Passion.
    2. Orange having a crush on Passion Fruit, but not admitting it is supposed to be a running gag for the series, and he almost ruined it.
    3. He is a showoff who is good at everything. In other words, a Gary Stu.
    4. When we found out he is closely related to Passion, he is actually committing cousin marriage and he doesn't even care.
    5. He never calms down nor shuts up whenever someone does something "romantic" or has feelings for Passion Fruit.
    6. Even though Passion breaks up with him, he never leaves her alone.
    7. He doesn't care if he is related to Passion, given that he tries to get back together with her.
    8. His accent and his love of puppies tries to make girls love him, but it already fails.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He did save everyone from the knife.
    2. Him dating Passion can be considered Orange's comeuppance for him not telling Passion how he feels about her.
    3. He did get his punishment from Orange twice:
      • The first time was in "Ask Orange #62", when Orange used his Super Saiyan to blast him away.
      • The second time was in "Ask Orange #72", while he did somehow survive his previous punishment, thankfully his reappearance was very short lived, as Orange ended up squashing him (literally like Squash).
    4. He's most certainly meant to be loathed for his Gary Stu and jerk status.
    5. Jon Bailey did a decent job playing him.
    6. He accepts and then cares that he and passion fruit are cousins in the Winter Dance, and dates Grapefruit’s mother.



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