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G.U.N (Guardian Unit of Nations) is a recurring military group in the Sonic The Hedgehog series, first being introduced in Sonic Adventure 2.

"Freeze! What do you think you're doing?! Grab that hedgehog!"

Bad Qualities

  1. They arrested and captured Sonic just because they thought he was Shadow. Also, THEY CAN'T TELL SONIC AND SHADOW APART.
    • It's later revealed that they deliberately used Sonic as a scapegoat for all the crimes that Shadow did, even though Sonic saved the citizens of Station Square by defeating Perfect Chaos in the previous game.
  2. They have a huge disregard for people's property and safety, as they deliberately plowed through personal vehicles with their truck while chasing Sonic.
  3. They killed Maria for no reason. It's explained that they aimed for Shadow, but still.
  4. Their commander blamed Maria's death on Shadow, even though he was trying to protect her and G.U.N killed her.
    • Furthermore, said commander, who was Maria's best friend, actually ended up joining G.U.N. What kind of sense does it make to join a military group that's actually responsible for your friend's death?
    • Not only that, but if the G.U.N. commander had a vendetta against Shadow for several years, then why did they arrest Sonic during the events of Sonic Adventure 2?
  5. They do NOTHING to stop Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2 (aside from trying to prevent his escape from Prison Island).
  6. They let Tails use their computer lab after he received Rouge's ID in Sonic Battle. Why doesn't the guard question him on where he got the ID?
  7. They didn't let Rouge escape the vault even though she was working for them in Sonic Adventure 2.

Good Qualities

  1. In Sonic X, the elderly G.U.N soldier who killed Maria shows regret in doing so.
  2. They at least apologized to Shadow after the events of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  3. Also in the same game, the commander realizes that Shadow had amnesia and feels bad for trying to kill him.
  4. They actually DO try to stop Eggman in Sonic X.
  5. They are a bit better in Sonic 06 and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  6. They get a minor comeuppance in Adventure 2 when their prison is blown to bits.
  7. Despite their major mishaps, it's good to see that the Sonic world has a military.


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